Mini Natural Beauty Haul: Ilia Beauty Holiday Collection 2018

Hi guys welcome back to my channel and hope you’re all having an awesome day today so today’s video is going to be a mini beauty haul girl won’t be very long but I have a few of fun products to show you because I recently ordered the entire Ilya Beauty Holiday Collection they were doing a promotion where you can.

Get 25% off for the first day so I went ahead and jumped in and ordered the whole thing and I’m really excited to show you guys these sets I wanted to.

Go ahead and talk about this now because it is a limited edition collection so if you’re interested in any of these products you may want to go ahead and jump over and check them out Ilya is a really amazing natural beauty brand that I’ve talked about on this channel before and I love that they are a natural brand but they still are really beautiful and so the products feel really special in high end like something you would go to the department store.

Or Sephora and get so I love that I do think they are available at Sephora but I’m not sure about the Holiday Collection the Holiday Collection includes two different and gift.

Sets that are really really fun and have beautiful packaging so I’m just gonna jump right in and show you what I bought so the first set is called the modern romance gift set and this is a set of two different tinted lip conditioners I haven’t tried these before but.

I’ve heard that they’re really good they’re like ten two lipsticks and it comes in this beautiful red and gold box which is perfect if you want.

To get one of these as a gift during the holidays I think the packaging is absolutely beautiful and then you open it up and there are two of the lip conditioners and these are full-sized and it’s two different colors one is a neutral and one is a red let’s see here is the red and you can tell that it’s really sheer a formula when you look at it I’ll be sure and swatch these for you guys.

I haven’t watched them yet because I haven’t wanted to mess them up before I throw in this video but this color is called crimson and clover and I think that just looks like such a bright cheery color perfect for the holiday season when you.

Want to work mint a little bit more festive so I’m sure I will be using that one and then the other one is called nobody’s baby and it is a neutral color that is so so pretty I haven’t swatch this either but this really looks like the kind of color that I wear all the time so I’m excited about this one it looks like a really easy everyday shade.

So I am really try both of these and I’ll be sure to show you what they look like swatched but such beautiful products and the packaging is super weighty and nice it’s a metal case which is really high-quality feelings so.

These are definitely really beautiful lipsticks so here’s the red shade crimson and clover swatched it’s a really sheer but it has a bit of a punch of color if you build it up a little bit I think it’s super pretty it’s a little bit more orangie tone that I usually go for but I think it’s a really fun color and then right underneath crimson and clover i’ve swatched nobody’s baby you can see it’s a very sheer nude.

Color but super pretty and very wearable.