Mini Natural Beauty Haul: Ilia Beauty Holiday Collection 2018

All the time so I’m really looking forward to trying this one out and then here is the other gift set this is called the last night gift set and it includes a face palette and then also a little mini mascara it’s got very similar packaging but.

Is this burgundy color instead of the same gold foil design so again very very beautiful and then you open it up and there is the palette and the mascara let me show you the palette first it’s kind of the most interesting thing in here and this.

Is so pretty it includes different cream products for the face so their cream blushes highlighter and then kind of a bronzy color which I’m nhi using as an eyeshadow I’m not really sure that’s what it’s meant for but they’re so pretty let’s see.

The colors are called sway polka dot and moonbeams ladybird and at last so these are all.

Colors that alia sells on their own but the palette is super nice I think this.

Holiday season in the winter I think this will be a perfect winter blush right here and then this very much looks with the type of blush that I’m wearing.

At the moment a little bit more peachy so I’m excited to try all of these and then underneath the lipsticks i’ve swatched the two blush colors so you can see the top one is the more cool toned pink shade and then underneath that is the more peachy color and these feel really nice they are just pigmented enough and feel like.

They’ll blend really nicely they’re very creamy so I’m looking forward to wearing these and then over here to the side I.

Swatch the bronzy color and the highlight you may not be able to see the highlight on camera but it’s a really nice sheer kind of champagne II highlight color that I absolutely love that type of highlighting product that’s creamy and.

More sheer and less sparkly so that’s right here and then the bronzy color is here which i think is gonna be a great kind of eyeshadow color and maybe even a bit of a bronzey blush so I’m looking forward to trying all of these out but here are all the swatches so you can compare and then they also included a little mini of their mascaras so I’m looking forward to trying.

This out because they actually need a new mascara it’s a plastic keeper so wand but it looks like a really nice formula from the reviews that I’ve seen it so.

I’m looking forward to trying that out and I’ll be sure to update you guys later on if I like it or not a couple of great things about these products is that they are gluten free so if.

You have gluten allergies or wheat allergies these are products that are safe for you to use which is really nice my mom has that issue and so I’m always kind of looking for products that actually say they’re certified gluten free because she can use them and.

Free so if you’re cruelty free shopper this is an awesome brand to check out but I just think alia is one of.

Those brands that ticks all the boxes for me it’s natural it’s beautiful it’s packaged well it’s just really high-quality so I love that I’m so excited about all these holiday products and I can’t wait to.