Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

What’s up guys Krispy here let’s do this thing I’m starting out by covering my brows with a glue stick this is totally optional especially if you’re not comfortable doing it it can look totally fine if you just cover the brows with paint I use the spoolie and the glue stick to stick the brows really flat to the skin.

Then I go over with some translucent powder and an orange powder to.

Help keep the brows from showing through next I’m taking a thin eyeliner.

Brush and some black paint from me wrong and I’m going to start outlining the dark areas of the skulls so I’m.

Starting on the eye sockets and I actually took it higher on the outside of the.

Brow so it looks like a real low angry school and this is really just like a rough draft it doesn’t need to be perfect later we’re gonna go in.

With paint and eyeshadow and really see what shape we want and I’m doing the same thing on the nose just outlining it bringing it wider where the nostrils are and then bringing it to two points in.

The center of the nose I’m doing the same thing over on my cheeks and I’m even kind of using my finger to.

See where my bones actually are to see where I want to put those lines and I’m just doing them really lightly so.

That we have a guide for later on next what.

I’m doing is filling in the school with.

Some white Pete and I’m diluting it with water because it’s not too bright white and just filling in those areas you’re gonna want to make.

Sure that you apply this to clean skin the only thing that I would recommend for underneath this paint would be an oil-free moisturizer or an oil-free foundation primer now I’m taking a medium-sized flat brush and some black paint and I’m filling in the eyes originally I.

Was gonna fill them in completely black but then once I saw how the gradient looked like halfway through I decided it would be kind of cool to add some depth and leave it a little bit more empty in the middle for the shading on the eyes I realized it was way easier to just shade with a black eye shadow as opposed to the paint so I would.

Kind of use the paint for the parts that you want really really dark and the shading use a matte black eyeshadow cuz it’ll just save you so much time so yeah once I started shading it in with the eye shadow I went with the black and filled it.

Black gel liner and you’re gonna want to fill in the waterline on the top and bottom and just make sure that there’s no skin tone peeking through and then next I took an eyeshadow and just smudged that all out for the nose I went right in with.

The eyeshadow and started shading the outside areas of the nose and kind of leaving it a little bit more blank in the center for a little nose highlight and also some dimension and then once it was all shaded I went.

Brush and the paint to just kind of give it that.

Nice dark line next we’re moving on to the cheekbones I’m using black eyeshadow to fill in that area by my ears so that it looks finished I didn’t want to leave that area blank and then with the.

Black eyeshadow I am starting to shade I’m using a flat brush and I’m really laying it flat to the skin and I’m pulling that eyeshadow down concentrating most of the color where it meets the white so that it has that really nice shaded look I continue to shade and I wanted it to be really really black where those two bones meet so that it balances with the eyes and then I’m leaving it kind of open where the teeth are gonna go okay.

So the teeth are the trickiest part of the skull but if you nail them your skull looks.

So bomb and that’s what we’re about to do I’m going to show you guys exactly how to nail these bad boys so I’m taking.

A concealer brush and I’m putting a lot of paint on the brush and I’m just dragging those teeth.

Over my lips and then lifting it off the skin where I.

They kind of fade out for the molars I kind of dotted.

It on and I wiped off the brush because I had too much paint then I’m just going and using a really light touch I’m pulling that paint upwards like where I want it to be brighter I’m putting more pressure on the skin and where I want it to be light I’m using a light touch then I went in for a second pass with the white paint and just kind of did the same thing going over everything to make it.

A little bit brighter next I’m taking black eyeshadow and I’m shading in between the teeth and kind of letting it taper off as it goes down and then I’m also adding a black line in between the teeth to the corner of my mouth I went back in with.

The small eyeshadow brush and the black eyeshadow and as she did it again and I was just doing this to make the lines a lot darker and why did.

I do it twice I don’t know I probably could have just done it once but this how I did it okay so this next step is where the teeth really come together basically what you’re gonna want to do.

Is kind of make like a little dot or.

Little Y like I’m doing right here and then you’re gonna want to bring the shading out and up also side note my teeth somehow it came out like curved.

To the shape of my lips I almost wish that I did them straight up and down I feel like it still works but yeah you do not have to curve the teeth I don’t even that just happened on its own.

So this is the most time-consuming step I really went through took my time and added that black shadow there so that it makes it look like the teeth are going down to meet the jawbone then with barely any eyeshadow on the brush I went over really lightly where I made those little dots next.

We’re gonna shade the cheekbone I’m going right next to that line that I created with a small eyeshadow brush and just shading it lightly I took.

A slightly bigger eyeshadow brush and I created a little.

Divot for the temple and then I also began to pull that eyeshadow up and then again I’m deepening.

The block at the edge of the line to really create that illusion of depth and I did the same thing down on the cheekbone so that it looks like there’s like a sharp Ridge right there for the bone and then we’re basically doing the same thing over here first I shade it really lightly with the eyeshadow and then I go back in and.

Deepen it to create that definition.

Next I took a larger sized fluffy brush and added some black eyeshadow to the chin and also along the hairline I also pulled that eyeshadow down in the center of the skull really lightly and then also what I did was shaded on the outside of the eye sockets around where the brow bone is to add some expression I’m taking a small eyeshadow brush and creating two little lines upwards as if like the brows are.

Furrowed v angry and if you wanted it to be really scary you could make these lines super dark and shade underneath but I was like I just want to be like a little.

Angry catch my drift and then I went in and deepened the shading on the forehead and I was all done so I curled my hair Marilyn Monroe style threw on a blazer and now my costume is complete thank you guys so.

Much for watching as always give me a thumbs up comment subscribe all that good stuff and I will see you in my next video bye.