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What is up guys a very good morning from Jakarta Indonesia today’s my last day in Jakarta and one very big mistake I made in my jacket a trip don’t make that and it’s not much of a road to a destination so you won’t find tough this is accomplished with too much to produce like any other places of interest.

For example at Singapore Kuala Lumpur this place will be filled with only in donations or tokens mostly because most of the to is to come here they.

Go straight to Bali they don’t stop in Jakarta but my solution is if you are traveling to Indonesians of the special visit Jakarta it is.

A beautiful city you will see that Dutch architecture here.

The Duchess the Duchess to rule the sit in the 17th century and then touch heritage it’s still in prevalent today in Jakarta before it was.

Known as but a via old battle-ax but now after that after the Dutch went back if the.

Name was changed to Jakarta it is today it is a capital of Indonesia and it’s one of the most populous and densely populated island in the whole world yes yeah so speaking about Jakarta that is actually from a tourist point of view there is or not not many like to its places then a.

Few of them but they are beautiful what is the if signal was you can visit is still most any just try to meet that before 30 p. I just opposite the opposite least o’clock all citizen there is a jacquard jacket a drill this is the thing I.

Love most about the city actually the mosque and the church there these are the biggest nor can the church in now not only international but almost of all of Southeast.

Asia remember that so there they are destitute earnest opposite each other the mosque is on this side and if you cross the road just across the road on the other side it’s like a turtle so this.

Is a this shows the how the religious tolerance of the people here how their people live together though the Muslim religion the Christian religion everyone lives together it’s like a brother you know.

So yeah so when you build a stigma in certain monies huge tuition Amazon it can hold around 20,000 people in its own no 20,000 people in a mosque that’s a large huge number yes so a stickler mosque you should visit make sure it is it before 12 p.

Road there is the Jakarta cattle make sure also you visit is ticket was not much platform there is the.

National Monument of Jakarta so national monument was built to you know signify the significant hard work of the people.

Of order you fought for your dependents from the Dutch East India Company it signified the strength of the people the unity of the people what they went through it is a monument of.

Independence it is a 156 meter long tower.

You should definitely visit it when you’re injured Rasta is right at the city centre it’s a huge area total area huge it’s like a squids the place is known as aquatic a square and from there you can get the view of the entire.

You can get a view of the entire city of Jakarta from there then check out the city centre and I told another video of.

The Asian Games 2018 is going to be held in Jakarta so the place is quite you know it’s there is this there is this thing there is this you know rhythm rhythm of the place there is this idiom which is coming up.

Which is only about two people to come and visit this place everywhere throughout the city to visit to Istanbul you will see.

Banners talking about the Asian Games 2018 it’s to be held in Jakarta and for that reason there is a lot of security measures have been put in place a lot of you know the traffic has been streamlined and.

The common is doing its best to you know make Jakarta talk to his destination honestly speaking at first I wanted to go to Bali I canceled my Bali truth because there’s been a volcano recently and I thought okay fine let’s go to Jakarta then now talking about the money the currency munition currency oh just a second it’s talking about the information currency this is the munition Indonesian 1-lakh remote you can see.

It it’s called one hundred thousand yeah so don’t think that okay one lakh it’s too much hi it’s it’s not one legs another one like is accompany other note I think as it starts from two thousand and goes I don’t know I saw the one like not maybe there is one above that also I’m not sure about.

That so if you like you know the one of one left note that if you complete it Indian currency how will they how much will it be the one leg will be only five hundred Indian rupees but Indonesia I found it’s expensive I’ve.

Been to Kuala namu first but Kuala Lumpur is cheaper than in Odisha in a lot of expects the only thing when I spent money in Kuala Lumpur where I thought that.

Okay expenditure is more his drill bit traveling I was traveling by crap so yeah traveling was a bit expensive from my place the city centre and back and forth but if you take compute transfers of course that that would also be that can also be taken care of but it Indonesian what I found the traveling is pretty cheap you took a great bike are you.

Or you take a project pipe you just booked it from Euro me to a single person traveling solar backpacker but go from anywhere to anywhere the price will be between 10,000 to 20,000 to maximum 25,000 idea 25,000 I get is not much it’s like 125 million rupees that will be the maximum.

I am staying currently not cheap at that hand travel to Central Jakarta which is around ten to kill from here it cost me around uh.

You know twenty thousand idea which is not that expensive it’s a hundred rupees to travel such a long distance and what come the food here especially you know if McDonald’s KFC they’re a bit costly compared to what I found in Malaysia so food items are not only because they try to eat outside food if you will enjoy the roadside food here there is a lot of there’s a certain people they love getting dried foods if you go there eat fried food and remember when you inject.

After a baby for that aspect offend Southeast Asia now see pouring now Syria much these are very famous you should try it when you are here they have this.

You know special touch of making these things it’s like what we eat in India it’s like are they have.

This Chinese paste red when you come to visit this place and it is like a different destination it explained us of the station based I love that I love eating those things here coming to the next point that.