Jakarta Indonesia – My Biggest Mistake In Jakarta | Travel Tips | Shibangsh

Is the visa what it is grab one of your passport.

Come to Indonesian nothing no visa required my visa application I will tell you might be the application it to just you know two minutes I walked up to the indication counter.

They took my passport how many days – I said I said understand for this.

Course on digital done give over this template and make your welcome to Jakarta Indonesia that’s it they don’t even want to see how much money.

You have they don’t even want to know I kept all my you know papers hotel booking insert.

Is everything but they did not ask for anything they just asked for the passport stamp it and this totally welcome to Jakarta that’s it and one very big mistake.

I made in my jacket a trip don’t make that when you are in the airport when you come out of the airport just when you walk out of the terminal.

Before going to the main entrance outside there is only one shop it’s.

Airport that sells in Cardiff and curriculums on the conference known as Quinn cellular or something I wanted to buy my sim card actually so what are you actually I booked my sim cards for the other day but for university I was not getting a simple when I tried cooking so what happened I inquired where can I find a SIM.

Card so they said okay this shop you can go.

And you can find a SIM card anyway – I mean people – like 50,000 idea for a single 5gv it’s like it’s enormous I know I have been scammed there because I have no other option related to book a vehicle and I need a signal Sher Singh cut so.

I had no other option I just bought it otherwise you do Python the CTA 12 2002 left 50,000 – that 50,000 is wrong is equal to twelve hundred and fifty rupees and that two four five Jamie that is very expensive and it’s very very expensive don’t ever buy from the airport all cheaper if you have money don’t change it from the airport.