First Solo Travel, To Mykonos Part 1

Yeah there’s a huge ship like that ship is the same size like bigger than that Island so there are a couple of things and I hope scared or worried I don’t know how to call it like what do you do when you’re alone don’t you have like would you be bored if you’re hungry you want to go to.

Your restaurant then you’ll be able to then on the other hand I have so much happening and people and things around me and I always need to like I just buy.

Some other people so it’s also nice it’s also nice teachers yeah be with yourself I think and it’s without all these social media things and internet and YouTube and I am keeping Netflix for in the evenings I’ll see how it goes how I feel that’s like this much this much don’t you please scrolling and they there’s no.
Human contact or just like their like.

People are posing everywhere and they’re trying to recreate a moment that it looks Wow and I accidentally.

Do this and it’s a weird actually because yeah it’s like trying to make for some moments in a.

Picture and then they take the picture and then they just go there like smile and I’m like this and then it’s just.

Really curious to see how social media is and how it affects us in our daily life and so what’s real and what’s fake you don’t have to share everything you don’t have to take a picture or anything you see every beautiful thing just enjoy it yourself so that’s the first thing I experienced today which.

Is very interesting this is my first beach visiting but actually so honest that’s here and this town is up here but literally where the beach it’s only people so it’s not really the beach hours searching for but let’s find a place in the sand where can draw.

Not be with so many humans just walked for 40 minutes from the owners beach back to Mykonos I’m not sure if you can see anything in the dark I guess you can’t see it when I started it wasn’t that dark otherwise I I think I would be afraid but then behind this corner will be me close by night I came here with.

The bus and I must tell you Greek drivers okey-dokey so I’ve made it to this rock so maybe I should try and go to the beach I wants to go to go check it out Yahoo I made it to the.

Other side so I was there and now I’m here but I can’t go further hide you wanna be on my vlog so I meant to lovely American people who made a photo of me take.

Them myself yeah so let’s go to island piece that sticks out I’ve just gone further and further oh look I’m here for and look at this I think this is how Mykonos looks like in summer with the parties and everything.

Not my cup of tea no I’ll just Lulu’s there Lou now go okay new day a new mission today’s mission is this is very dangerous you guys wanna be on my blog is it great Reagan and Joycey.

And I didn’t know how bemy and Camilla I’m.

Nicer touch your toes no relax be confident oh yeah taking like 60 so one two three four five six my waiters were super nice and then what I want today they’re like hey like can you come out to like the beach bars with us and so I was like yes so I’m going on – beach bars and line Greek.

Waiters if you want to show me the basic eating is so they can get it in there interesting she.