How Many Drops In The Jeffree Star Liquid Frost? | The Makeup Breakup

Hello beauty news family welcome back to the makeup breakup this is a series where we destroy makeup we upload new videos every Wednesday so if you want to see more don’t forget to smash that subscribe button before we smash some makeup today we have another Jeffrey star product by the way if you did not see our Jeffrey star.

Called the supreme from all right the supreme frost that we destroyed recently I highly recommend checking that one out that is a very interesting.

Product and that video was so entertaining to film it was oh my god fond fond memories and update we went back and bought to shame we did so today we have the liquid frost in the shade crown jewel this is a beautiful gold shade it’s a 30 mil bottle of product and today we’re gonna be seeing how many droppers yes droppers are in this product because this does have a dropper.

Applicator or dispensed up but the packaging is a little bit different to a traditional dropper this is a plastic bottle it looks like glass but it is plastic and there is a dropper applicator now.

When you open this it unlocks the dropper and the dropper sucks up product and then when you press it it dispenses probably all of their product we haven’t tested this particular one out yet but we are familiar with this particular type of packaging it’s usually found in quite luxe high-end brands with their like eye serums and stuff like that will face serums so when you twist it open its sucks product into the dropper you dispense it and then when you put the cap back on it prepares it for sucking product up.

Next time you open it so today what we’re going to do is see Matt how many dropout falls so for droppers there are in this product we’re going to pop it into a little beaker so you can see product in all of its glory and if you come back tomorrow we will have another special video for you guys so we’ve got our fancy.

Beaker from the actual like proper thermal lab store it looks atrocious but we’ve used it quite a bit so it’s showing its age these are as accurate as graduated cylinders but we do have extra.

Plans for this product so we need to be able to easily get it out of the packaging all right let’s do this so when you twist it it starts to open the top comes up it sucked the product up into the dropper and you open us there it is we see it we see us will do.

A drop so we try and do a drop and see if you can get a drop out of these droppers if.

Yes you can you can if you want to but we’re not doing how many drops we’re doing how many drop is full alright so that’s how much you.

Get that’s one dropper out of a dropper so obviously if you want more put it back in press the top it’ll refill no it won’t work okay why is that hmm that’s too thick maybe that’s what I was.

Just thinking it is like you can see.

The consistency looks pretty thick let’s try again but just seems weird that he won’t let you do that oh I think I think I do this time I think know what all right.

Let’s close see if that works strange what I just feel like this products too thick for them mechanism let’s try again come on did we get it done I know it’s sort of fake no it’s not a legit product there you go – it’s gonna take longer than we thought.

Try again you know what I heard it push product maybe because it’s thick when you’re going to suck it back up the product like it’s sucking up air like the bubbles are just made maybe it might needs to.

Settle which is annoying let’s try again yeah I think that’s what’s happening so I think when you put.

It in and it’s empty and you push it down you can hear it sort of push air out yeah so I think you then need to sort of agitate it a little which is no problem if you’re using this as like a face highlighter but yes I’m for the body as well yes so you might be using like larger amounts of this at once yeah all right we’re at four this is probs gonna take a.

While so let’s just start alright let’s just stop it there for a sec because I’ve I’ve just realized something that might make your life a lot easier if you’re using this product and you.

Are using multiple droppers at once so once you’ve sort of squeezed out your dropper instead of releasing it keep your.

Finger on the lid put it in and then suck it up okay and then you can go in and you don’t have to worry about product dispersing with the air that’s coming out of the dropper okay little hint might help anyone who wants to use a lot of it at once all right so we are currently at 20 Mills exactly and 60 pumps so we’re gonna keep going with this can’t really see through the bottle but I have given it.

A good shake to get some product down there so let’s continue all right so we’re currently at what do we got 77 and two splits and we’re not anywhere near 30 mil but I mean it’s hard because I can’t see through the packaging at all we’re actually gonna let this sit for an hour and just settle to the bottom of the bottle because that’s a fair thing to do.

And we’ll come back and see if we can get any more droppers out of it one eternity later we’re back it has settled we’ve been gone unknown maybe an hour and half yeah you can see like it’s it’s settled a lot so there’s not much in.

There we are very close to being done so let’s see how much more of this we can get out we’re gonna call it at 89 droppers so we have managed to get 30 mils exactly out of there so 30 mils of usable product which is really good this is a thick product so it does need that time to settle when you’re getting towards the end of the bottle the.

Squirting mechanism how it’s sort of like self refilling it all works really well I really like the packaging on this it’s it’s good it’s good packaging yeah really go into a.

Bit of effort because this is not cheap no packaging you need a lot in my brands like long haul.

Yeah and brands like that sort of the higher-end brand so it’s cool that he’s done it and it’s really.

Great to see that you get all the product of that it’s usable yeah you’re not saying they’re not saying 30 mils and then you can earn the access 25 yeah you are getting.

30 mils which is great now doing quickly swatch it yes let’s do a little swatch it is a bit.

It out a bit it’s got a little bit of sparkle to it but it is sort of like that gold reflective finish it’s not overly metallic when it’s buffed out it’s a actually it looks like a.

Thick formula but it’s actually quite thin when you start to like smooth it out doesn’t feel sticky at all I have no idea how this would sit over makeup it’s the sort of thing you know probably it depends what sort of makeup you’re putting it over but yeah there’s not much to say it’s a liquid.

Highlight so we got 89 a total squirts out of this product I suppose you know you guys you have to know how much of.

The product you’re going to use to know how far that would go for you but I mean this is a 30ml bottle it’s gonna last you a long time unless you’re putting it all over your body we’re gonna wrap this up don’t you worry we are going to keep this product for another.

Video so come back tomorrow to see what the we did with it we hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up and we will see you in the next one bye.