Living In London – Life Update, Travel & Working In London

Hello everybody how are you doing and welcome to another video in my bedroom it’s been a little while today we’re going to talk about life in London if this is the first time that you are watching I am sandy please subscribe I live in London and I talk about London living advice and how you can you know make.
A good life out of this beautiful city.

Asked you guys on my Instagram to send me some questions you sent me loads most of them are about life in London.

Living in London some of them are about me and my life changes because there’s been a few changes so let’s reveal them and let’s talk London and Sandy’s Sandy’s life okay let’s start with this one by Caroline our founder she said I’m living in London.

Now and I was wondering if you can do a meet and greet and I don’t know you guys ask me that sometimes but then I’m like what if no one comes so I don’t know comment below if that’s something you’d like me to organise I can try to organize and think about it but.

Don’t want to be the only one there that would be and I would just wouldn’t tell anyone about it then we have a dreammm Alto 11 and she says what do you love and hate most about living in London I have made quite a few videos about kind of love-hate relationship with London but if I have to kind of answer it in a video and this is important for you guys to know as well if you want to come and live in London I love the.

Diversity in people and in food the most and maybe not hate but what I dislike about London is that is obviously polluted so it’s not very healthy to breed here so you have.

To go to the seaside on occasion and I also do not like rush hour on the tube because people do not move.

I am the one shouting move Karla down the carriage creating memories 88 says do you still like London you guys asked me that all the time because once I’ve made an Instagram story and I said by the way if you don’t.

Feel amazing please please do and that would be amazing and I said in that story I’m sad to be back in London.

Like that and I was it’s because I went on the cruise I’m sure you in the videos if not do they are you know in the card have a look and when I was back from the cruise I was just feeling really sad and I missed all the people and the cruise life but it didn’t mean that I don’t like London or that.

I’m leaving London or anything like that so I still love London I love London more than anything else in my life not quite but I loved it quite a lot there he goes England wants to know what.

Is my favorite music theory my favorite music is the German techno and then we have Leon Barnaby and he wants to know what – my job is now funny that you would ask I was going to talk about this in the video today as well because basically I changed jobs so I still work in recruitment I.

Still do that but I now work part time which is I guess for me a big change because I always worked full-time I.

Always worked Monday to Friday 9:00 to 6:00 every day for the last few years here in London and now I don’t now I just work Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday I dedicate to doing this so I film videos for.