How To Use Evernote For Travel

Hi this is Susie the travel hostess I am very excited to introduce you to Evernote if you are not already familiar with Evernote I think you might really enjoy whatever note can offer so Evernote is basically a digital filing cabinet I discovered it years ago for business when we were making the transition from paper files and actual physical.

Filing cabinets to digital files and digital filing cabinets and it was where I housed all sorts of documents for work created documents stored documents saved.

It was really handy but since I.

Have discovered that ever don’t makes a really handy tool for storing any type of files gathering all sorts of information particularly for travel so show you how I how I do this open up the Evernote icon you see the top right the white icon with a green elephant head and just let me go back a little bit so you see here these are my different notebooks Evernote you create notes within notebooks pretty basic I have a trip coming up.

To Puerto Rico so I have a notebook for Puerto Rico open that up and here I have some different notes places.

That I’m looking to explore for yoga I love to practice yoga wherever I travel in the world and I’ll show.

You how I saved and store these here in my Rico folder open up one of the notes like this is a song about Puerto Rico tap on it and it brings me again that information let’s say I’m interested in scheduling a class let’s see if I tap that and it actually connects me to that link let me go back all right so let’s floor explore some more ideas I’m going to go back to the.
Home screen google and actually you know what how.

About instead I want to search for how about spas all right right yeah spas before we go oh look at that.

Let’s say we come up with hmm interesting scrolling down ooh 14 best bar hotels in Puerto Rico day spas hmm Zen spa massages who knows.

I’m just gonna tap zen spa and let’s see what we got wonderful let’s say a review and this is something that I want to hold.

On to something that I want to be able to retrieve to later not have to search again at the bottom you will see next to my little home icon to the right is the upload button I’m gonna tap on that and this comes up or have the options now of these different plugins or extensions or I call Web Clippers the Evernote Web Clipper how that got here if you’re not really familiar with that is let’s go to the right to the more button tap on that.

For all the apps that I have installed I have this option to.

Add them here too so that whatever I’m searching I can add to that app and we’ll see here for Evernote it’s green.

Which means it’s active and that’s how it appeared so now I’m going to tap on the Web Clipper and now a.

Note is being created in the Puerto Rico notebook for Zen spa can I hit save let’s go to the Evernote app.

Open it up and there we go I gotta go back so you kind of see opening up the Puerto Rico notebook I now have the information that I stored I have that website that I can go back to it’s a really any.
Way to basically have one location for all.

Of the information I’m gathering often we can some of my other videos I shared with you how to save your the items you searched on Google you know to a reading list or bookmark it.