3 Ways To Travel With Your Bike!

And it’s been a while since I’ve been at home to film a video because I’ve just been cycling all over the place and so I felt like this was the perfect time to do this particular video which is how to travel with your bicycle on holiday basically how to get your bike to your chosen destination so there are.

Three main ways that you can have a.

Bike on holiday and what are we going through those the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one is gonna be best for you.

So the first one is taking your own bike in your own bike box or bike bag so this is the one that I have used for all of my trips apart from one and I used to use a cardboard box now I use a BMW hardcase box and yeah that is what I’ve used the majority of the time and I guess.

The pros of that are when you’re taking your own bike it’s your own bag you know how it fits you know like you know it’s gonna be comfortable to ride so that is one of.

The main pros that it’s your own bike another Pro is when you’re packing it into the box you can put whatever you want in that.

Box obviously it’s gotta be in the weight limit but I always take like my clothes in there at some time to take some food and I sometimes have been known to take a rice cooker away with me because I always want to have nicely cooked rice on hand because I cannot cook rice in a pan to save my life so I always have a rice cooker and it’s always.

With you so you’ve always got your bike like with you so.

That’s another bonus of that but equally that is kind of a con because getting it to the airport can be a bit of a faff if you’ve got a massive either cardboard box.
Without wheels or like a hard case box it’s going to be.

Quite heavy so that can be a bit of a faff sometimes especially if you if there’s a few of you go you’ve got to get two or.

Three you know big bike boxes into like a taxi so that.

Can be a bit of a con that is brilliant four people four bikes one car she’s an almost ideal and it can also make get into the airport more expensive because you’ve got to pay for a.

Minibus or whatever to take take all that stuff to the airport so yeah there are the main pros and cons of taking your own bike in your own bike box or.

Bike the second option is one that I’ve used recently when I went to Italy for the a Lombardi sportif and this was with a company called Sherpa this is not a sponsored video I just use them when I went there.
Just to see what it was like and I thought it might be good for some.

Of you out there who wanted to not have the hassle of getting to and from the airport with your bike so basically what they do is they send you out a.

Box whether you pay for either a hard case or like a very thick like plastic case you pack your back into.

It and then basically someone picks it up and takes it to your destination.

So that when you arrive it’s already there so which i think is a really really good idea they also specialize in doing like like events and triathlon so like the New York or three-on-two and all the big like sportif events so if you were doing something like that and you want it like to have less hassle of doing that then that is an option I.