Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Hello hello hello and welcome back to Adobe live with the one and only Michael Koch and Berger closing out the day closing out ui/ux week it’s been a fun exciting week hasn’t it it’s been super fun it’s been fun we started off the day with Peter del tano del Tondo so close he was designing a mobile app for.

A Rosanna pansino and see no can’t see now I am not good with names today and we we just hit with Gus who’s cracking up over there yeah Gus was hosting Evan place who was designing a way style app for Halloween trick or treaters which is exciting we had like how it wins Halloween next week.

Yeah I believe so a few days yeah man are you ready coming right up um yes and so are my kids I believe my son is gonna wear I think it’s gonna be Batman Superman something like that nice I don’t have a costume for my daughter yet but we’ll figure it out and then.

Now we’re finishing up with the amazing Michael cotton burger yeah whoo you can find at made by Coco with a K dot-com and we have he has this cute little robot I think this would be perfect for like a voice assistant yeah that’d be super I’m actually thinking about kind of maybe doing some more stuff with him and Adobe XD with the animation options you totally.

Should and if you’re joining us live on be hands first of all welcome we have Andrea song Kelsie Kyle Palash afro jaw Kyle again mark welcome let us know.

Where you are from and where you’re tuning in from I always love seeing people from all around the world we got cake town yeah and about you know half an hour into this broadcast stream whatever you want to call it we’re gonna be doing chat and win all you have.

To do is chat and you can win 100 free stickers from sticker mule comb which is great definitely.

Stickers say yeah yeah these are actually both from sticker meal yes they are great well so we’ll get into that more we’re also about half an hour before the stream ends we’re gonna be reviewing portfolios and that’s going to be really.

Exciting because I think I can’t wait the benefit of that isn’t necessarily to you know.

Just tell people how good they are because that’s always great but it’s also to give constructive feedback on how they improve as designers which is really important yeah I mean you.
Just went through mentorship with Peter.

Ago yeah and if he would have just told you you’re doing a great job over.

And over and over again you wouldn’t have.

Really improved it as a designer yeah I would have gotten really nowhere yeah it’s easy.

To just say yes to somebody and not give them constructive criticism yeah but when you can get that person that’s willing to you know just negotiate that that kind of relationship.

With you it’s a it’s super valuable and I would just.

Anybody out there to really take advantage of that totally yeah and if you want your portfolio considered for a review at the top right hand corner of Behance you’ll.

See a portfolio review tab click on that and you’ll have more information including where to submit that link so all right should we get going yeah let’s do this no you wanted you actually brought a little notebook today you want to show so that’s magical goodness actually we have a GoPro let’s see if this okay swing this over yet actually didn’t tell you guys that I was really surprised.

But yeah every stream we’ve kind of given a look at how they’re frantically trying to get this GoPro working yeah yeah give us the sorry Paco but you know.

Every stream we’ve kind of given a little bit of the process a little bit of the day-to-day yeah and I just wanted to show a little bit of how there we go yeah yeah okay so let me turn it around like this so it’s like right-side up no maybe but so I bring the sketchbook with me around.

Around with me everywhere that’s the robot yeah that’s the robot that’s the first iteration of the robot I mean there’s obviously there’s some more right here there’s this climb app that I haven’t actually posted publicly so that’s still in the works but yeah.

So before I ever get into digital I always go through and I sketch out my ideas and whether.

It’s a branding idea or whether it’s a you see there’s some ui/ux screens right here.

Yeah I make sure to put it on paper because this really helps me consolidate my thought process and as you can see you keep going and it keeps going and going and they’re incredibly detailed – yeah this line.

Work is just beautiful this is actually kind of a cheat code for God of War from PS 4 you have to have them and that’s a drag on the X and this the day.

Soars just like up up down down left left right right a B start is that Kojima is that the Kojima code it might have been okay yeah so I just always sketch out my ideas you’ll.

Even see here I got back and this area I got the flicks app right here I drew out everything in the flicks app before I ever went into digital ever went into wireframes I drew it out just to get an idea of what I wanted each screen to have and it really helped me consolidate my process and made the whole.

Thing a lot easier so yeah even for today I got stuff written down then I’m gonna.

Utilize for our prototyping suite but yeah and speaking of prototyping we’re gonna go all voiced it yes so we’re.

Gonna yeah so you’ve been working on this mobile app basically that’s a movie ticket buying experience yeah actually Isis if acrylics a fire TV right yes specifically for televisions yes and the big benefit of this is so that someone.

Can kind of go through this process with just their voice yeah and once again this is really like a cool thing for people that maybe are visually impaired having that voice playback the Adobe XD just released would.
A process like this so we’re just gonna go ahead and get.

Right into it so we got this first screen and we’re gonna switch over to our prototype panel and we’re gonna you see it on the side here we’ve already activated a voice assistant that shall be.

Yes we’re gonna try this stream to not say that name yeah let me change this to sensei because that’s what we’re actually gonna go with today somebody in the stream or somebody in the chat yesterday suggested.

That and that thought that was a great idea sensei makes tons of sense mm-hmm so we got these two screens here and we’re not try to react.