Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Well let’s go through the whole process one more time see if you can remember everything okay it’ll be fun sensei what’s the weather going to be today so these.

Come in the weather is junky today can I help you find something else to do okay and then let’s check out a movie so it opens the flicks app and boom those come in so let’s look at venom venom comes in go back that was interesting that what movie did you want to.

See today kind of like did a weird thing we’ll just skip that for now let’s go with first man okay and that slides in we actually forgot this at the time around that but whatever this looks good so we got two we got that repeat grid coming in doing that animation so it looked really cool I choose AMC majestic 12 alright which screen type would you like we’ll.

Reveal show times after you select a screen type yeah I did forget to read synopsis oh yeah that would’ve been a good one but in color Kevin I oh yeah let’s choose IMAX which Showtime looks good 1:20 p.97 senior is seventeen dollars and seven cents kids are fifteen dollars.

And fifty cents per person okay two adult tickets please based your history these seats may be perfect for you let’s go with the suggested seating and that comes in we would probably have.

Her maybe vocally playback kind of everything that we went through and that could really help but I think we’re just running really short on time so I’m gonna pay with my credit card bamm-bamm dad.

Cool and what we’re gonna jump to portfolios in a second but if we have time what we’re I’m gonna have Michael go back and set up a single voice line on the movies page okay it’ll skip.

Entire process yeah and go straight to the confirmation screen that.

Sounds awesome that that’s really the power of voice is getting skipping a bunch.

Of steps basically telling assistant exactly what you want to do yeah and then getting things done yeah so with that being said let’s do the go to space oh snap are we putting these on.

Right now we are whoa we’re in space all right we can take these off it’s sweaty in there you go we had on we have to keep.

Keep it on all right all righty we are back for portfolio reviews we do have two portfolios we’re going to check out the first one from Bou Hana from belgrade serbia cool and let me.

Move this over so you can see a little bit better yeah.

And uh let’s jump into this so yeah well it looks like we have a lot we don’t go through all this we’re definitely.

Not gonna have time to go through its like based on what you see what looks appealing right now what do you want check.

Out first you know I’m actually really interested in the one the one at the top right top or this one here yeah okay it looks like these looks like these are part of the XD daily challenge which we’re actually coming or returning next week which is exciting yeah yeah yeah okay alright this is challenge number six yeah and we’re at Time Tracker app yeah this these.

Kinds of screens are extremely difficult because they can have so much and it’s hard to figure out what you should take away what you should keep in there to in order to make the user.

Experience as lean as possible yeah but this is looking really good I really like how you have the the kind of the time separated the meeting time separated mm-hmm the I think the colors are working really well you have it set in a computer which kind of makes it more real and if you were.

To present this to a client or anything like that that would help sell the screen to them yeah so just kind of.

Looking at it I don’t really see too much that I would change I like it I would actually maybe dial down actually I’m not even sure this looks really good what do you think oh this is cool whoops there it is yeah I’m loving the colors they’re very like Google s colors yeah.

I think everything’s laid out really nicely you kind of know exactly what I guess the project is or the develop studio yeah I kind of know exactly where you’re supposed to click and where you supposed to look you also have that search function right there which is really.

Nice for people that just don’t you know another real-world example which is nice yes seeing it live in an actual mock-up yeah kind of gives you a perspective of what its gonna look like when it’s actually a product this kind of seems like it kind of seems weird that we’re harping on that but it really helps the client because the client it you know they may be an incredibly visual person but they’re most likely they’re not going to be as visual as.

You are as a designer most likely you’re an incredibly visual person and you can see these things in your mind and how they.

Interact and all that stuff the client you have to win them over.

At that point we got a video here cool.

Do a video interesting okay okay so that’s how you would at a time and now with Auto animate you can make these little cool yeah yeah so when you check that maybe it became checked and that.

Was like its own animation or even when it added into sorry I’m pointing at that but maybe when it added in it didn’t just like fade in maybe it kind of like snapped in yeah did like a little animation nice definitely check that out but this is looking great well then let’s see what else looks good lots go for a mobile app this time maybe this one here yeah let’s check that out all right first off.

I love the let you know the cascaded display at the top yeah gradients are really nice I love these subtle but very dynamic gradients yeah I love the purple in the blue actually just use that on a new kind of project that I’m working on and an incredibly dynamic color set yeah because it speaks to both like.

Male and female mmm um just the color color theory behind it I would say that the text where it says round-trip one-way multi destination might be a little small I know it’s very difficult because you’re cramming.

So much information into that top section but it seems a touch small yeah I would kind of massage that a little bit the shadow also is a little harsh right when you’re putting these shadows kind of on these elements I would recommend keeping it as faint as possible like 10%.

Opacity or 10% shadow maybe 1520 if it’s kind.