Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Move it up to this once we still get that.

Anime oh yeah okay we can do that uh.

Yeah voice trigger yep and so how do you want to do this so let’s go for I’d like to see first man at what were the steps at the AMC we’re at the Majestic Theatre we don’t worry about AMC majestic 12 at majestic 12 okay yeah IMAX you can just like it could be a list at.

This point IMAX IMAX screen type sure screen with or I guess how would I say it I would like two tickets to first ma’am yeah I would like to IMAX tickets we’re figuring this out.

On the fly yeah I would like to IMAX tickets to first ma’am at 1:20 p. at majestic 12 let’s do it because they’re.

Not going to know the exact time so let’s maybe do at your next available showing.

Okay and what was the one you said after that at majestic 12 okay so actually in reality you probably wouldn’t skip all these steps cuz you probably have to pick your seats or confirm your seats but let’s just pretend that this it’s smart enough to just pick your suggested seats do you remember your whole line do I remember I remember enough of it that it hopefully will it’ll be specific enough that it’ll pick up I hope so I would like to IMAX tickets to first man at the next available showing a DAT.

Majestic 12 fat majestic 12 okay okay so so tab out of there let’s see this let’s see if it works okay and we’re gonna go with this is transition I know oh yeah yeah transition could work and then dissolve sure and then maybe ease it out at one second because it’s cuz the s okay cool alright so.

Let’s go to this scale to show this all the way back here look at that line yo all those given a lot.

Of steps see how her voice go for I’m gonna do it I would like to IMAX tickets.

To first man at your first available showing at majestic 12 there go BAM boom did it so that’s the power of voice I mean you can go through this entire process or if you know exactly what you want you can just tell your.

Assistant and she’ll do it or here she or he will do it whatever yeah it I don’t know sensei but that’s it sorry we could get your suggestion Sam.

Rat but we’ve kind of run at a time but this has been fun have you had a good time this week it’s been amazing and this this is amazing yeah I want you to finish this yeah I’m gonna holla up a little bit and and publish this thing as a video or publish it somewhere Behance probably yeah that’s.

Where I’m and really show off the power of voice cuz this is cool this is really cool and as far as I know it hasn’t really been done on stream before no I don’t think so this is the first one yeah it’s such a new feature yeah definitely if you haven’t opened up XD in a long time check it out because this is only voices.

Only one of like six huge features that came out last week definitely take them first bit yeah and you did this in.

Pretty much 2 or 3 6 2 hour sittings let’s say six hour sittings for this 6 hours total yeah well even in that I mean we have the prototype the portfolio stuff that we’re doing it’s like really you’re talking about four hours we were able to build.

Out this entire app from scratch yep to this so easy good stuff so Monday daily challenges daily.

XD challenges are coming back so.

Make sure to nan tune into that I can’t speak it’s been a long week it’s and tomorrow at 12 o’clock noon right here right now not now right here Talon will be here with designing an XD so if you want to pick talons brain see.

How XD is designed and who knows.

You might even give you some.

Sneaks he does that sometimes yeah tune in this has been fun thanks so much for tuning in everyone and we’ll see you soon.