Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

In a more enjoyable way so transition splash one correct dissolve total it’s fine just go with that Oh Gina says she went to Amazon’s vui Tech Talk yesterday and ties in perfectly.

Awesome and what’s really cool is as koi mentioned during the Adobe MAX keynote is not sure exactly when but soon as he says you’ll be able to actually test these prototypes directly on an Amazon echo which is really cool yes.

You’ll be able to actually talk to the actual echo and it’ll connect with Adobe XD and you’ll be able to do all the fun commands so that’s kind of been some next-level stuff oh yeah that’s gonna be really cool that’s cool no one else is doing that right now yeah yeah okay so I got a little drawing.

Down here and at first we’re just this guy is gonna be taken away so we’re gonna delete him we do have this layer right here and I’m gonna go back into our design side to maybe edit them you’ll see that we got this this.

Guy kind of do in his business right there and it’s gonna be like.

A shimmer that’s gonna go across the screen and it’s.

After it kind of does that shimmer you know flix is gonna.

Show up and then it’s going to can you know transition to our movie our movie screen selection screen everyone loves a good shimmer yeah you can kind of see this on Hulu if you have like ps4.

At least this is where I’ve seen it.

Is for maybe even fire TV and when you’re accessing.

Hulu they kind of have this cool shimmer effect I wanted to do something similar to that here leann likes where this.

Is going yeah you helped me to this is whatever you like we’re only on the second or third artboard yeah yeah we have a lot more to do so wait till this is over it’s gonna be cool yeah really cool step down the line mm-hmm okay so we’re gonna auto animate this kind of gradient are not great in but this kind of you know what does that shimmer sure to come from down here all the way.

Over here and to do that all we have to do is set it up so that it’s right here and on this artboard.

The other side and auto animate is smart enough.

To know okay that’s you want it to be so we’re gonna go ahead it’s gonna go ahead and just connect that for us yep so let’s go ahead and do that okay let me go back to our prototype side we’re gonna drag this.

Down it’s not gonna be Envoy it’s gonna be on time maybe just a little delay maybe like 0.

Seconds we’re gonna have to massage that a little bit probably in fact Auto animate mm-hm so that way we get that thing we get it to move yep and then we’re.

Going to let’s just mmm ease in ease out sure that’s cool see what happens yeah and I.

Think let me make sure to get rid of this guy down here yeah I think that should be fine and what’s the third artboard for this is a I mean I guess we.

Don’t really need that I mean I know so unless I’m missing something but you might not if you’re transitioning right from the second artboard we’re after the shimmer.

Takes place you can probably just okay it’s great I guess in my earlier iterations I did last night it was going the there was gonna be a slight flix animation but it took almost too long on this splash screen I didn’t feel like a splash screen anymore in just about like this kind of dead space there dead time so let’s go ahead drag this on over and it’s just we’re.

Not gonna set this up in advance right now but because I want to show the splash animation here and that’s just going to be hey Sam is here we just had lunch with Sam awesome Sam showed us I wish I can show.

You some of the animations that Sam showed us it blew my mind at some time wanted to completely redo this whole thing after I saw it yeah because it was so next level Sam is uh sometimes a good guy yeah he’s amazing yeah definitely follow him on Twitter if you can find him maybe type that in the chat Sam because he’s always posting really cool stuff so you’ll just.

Do it ease it out and do this quick Russia Russia ass is this all time based or.

Does it usually have to click or move a mouse to get to the movie selection screen no there’s no this is completely voice led so there’s no mouse movement.

There’s no you know fire TV has the remote.

There’s no room remote click this is supposed to be completely 100% done through senses Alexa’s voice enabling.

Yep so yeah so let’s try to go.

Ahead and do this maybe we should just start all the way from the beginning do you think that’d be cool sure why not okay so here we go sensei what’s the way they’re going to be today the weather is junky today can I help you find something else to do did I forget well I think you forgot oh so close okay so here we go wait so I did I did something here but why didn’t it what did you transition over oh you forgot.

To put the voice line in there okay my bad here we go it happens but this wouldn’t actually be a voice line with it it would because you have to tell this device that you want to look for you want to find it that’s right okay so sensei and.

A very nitpicky thing if you’re already in this process you may.

Not have to repeat sensei over and over again yeah there should be as natural as possible yeah um so.

It because we don’t need it for you know prototyping purposes I do.

Think with a e-a-l exa you need to just keep repeating it.

Yeah the reason I keep spelling it out by the way is because everybody’s.

Devices at home kept firing off when I would say it so I’m trying to be like you know I’m trying not.

To set all of them off right now so check out movies near.

Me sure yeah so and this what that would do is we’re building in that kind of concierge feeling into these voice vocal interactions because maybe you’re in kind of a smaller town they don’t they’re not playing every movie that’s out there right now right so you know keeping it more specific.

Taking advantage of how smart sensei is it can go a long way to help making this film more robust so we’re just gonna transition I think all this stuff is good we just needed to add in that.

Vocal can you make sure you tab out after you type the voice line because.

Sometimes it will just remove it okay cool so let’s start from beginning sensei what’s the weather going to be today that comes in the weather is junky today can I help you find something else to do let’s check out a movie near me look at that so in it led us into this next screen but I think we have something else happening right now we do it’s that time again.

Fireworks are behind us that means chat and whim and all you have to do we’re gonna cut to a video when we come back just start typing typing type of movie that you like type what feature an XD like or just slam the keyboard and type something and we’ll be back in a second pew pew pew back yeah.

So again just type whatever it is that you want and enough a second or two we are going to pick a winner and that winner is going to win 100 stickers from sticker mule dot-com which again is on yes these are.

Both sticker meal stickers and they’re extremely high quality so you definitely get in there yeah so what’s uh what’s another movie that I should check out that’s up my alley you know I heard well if you like kind of sci-fi stuff mm-hmm I would definitely check out sunshine sunshine from back in the day.

It’s kind of an older movie but it features Cillian Murphy and a few other really great actors and it’s about us traveling to the Sun just sounds like a terrible idea yeah but I mean they go through a bunch of stuff and it ends up kind of being like a thriller it’s a really cool movie definitely futuristic and fun and we have a winner awesome gore do la do la do la belle you just won 100 stickers from sticker milcom someone from behance will be.

Reaching out to you very shortly and if you did not win we know there’s no more chatting wins today but if you go to sticker milcom slash Adobe live you can get yourself ten free stickers free worldwide shipping great quality as you can see on Michaels laptop yeah steerer moves great and who doesn’t love stickers I think everybody loves stickers people you know I don’t think that’s gonna go away anytime soon I don’t think so people are still slamming their keyboards.

That’s cool alright yep and there’s good cordula there you go some congratulations alright cool so what just get cuz like cuz I’m never gonna get sick of seeing this you wanna do it again let’s do it again do it again okay I got to.

Remember the queues go back down here the nice thing is we were talking about this earlier is that there’s a little bit of wiggle room so if you don’t.

Say the exact voice line but it’s somewhat close it will still pick it up okay yeah but like you we talked about this earlier if you have multiple vocal cues on here you need to be more specific yeah because it’s listening for all those different vocal.

Cues yeah all right so let’s try this again sensei what’s the weather going to be today the weather is junky today can I help you find something else to do let’s check out movies near me nice shimmer and right into movies so we’re gonna animate this screen and it’s going to look awesome so good but.

Yeah here we go so I’m gonna get out of this get on over here so this is just super fun I love that kind of subtle stuff.

It’s not taking away from the experience but it is just kind of adding.