Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Some whimsy yeah and it makes it just more interesting cuz just popping this this text being here and kind of fading in well that’s okay we can always just kind of make it more interesting of course so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna dupe.

This screen and Kevin is actually saying you can set up Alexa so it you don’t have to.

Say hey mm the name okay every time yeah I thought you needed to do that but that’s really cool info um let’s get in here I’m gonna go ahead and delete this.

Guy because we want these to slide in and this kind of cool way or at least I.

Do I think it would be kind of fun right so we’re gonna help go ahead and delete that no I’m just thinking this through my head you might have to keep those there but move them off the screen in the first.

Artboard so that auto animate knows to move them in on the second artboard okay I.

Was actually going to build it out so that it was like there was an in-between step but if we don’t have to do that we can just oh okay you’re saying yeah I think you can just move them off the artboard yep so this move.

Form with me so here we go we’re gonna go ahead and make that we moved it to the side a little bit and I didn’t really go through and like measure it but you’d probably want to do that just to make sure it’s like everything’s really precise and.

We’re gonna go ahead and knock this down to zero opacity yeah and here let’s get our go back to our prototype side I keep forgetting to do that there you go here in on a time delay maybe of 0.5 seconds because we don’t want people to wait too long really long for that to slide in because that’s the core information Auto.

Animate mm-hm and we’re gonna do movie selection 5 and we can just go through and just find that right here and let’s do snap.

We’ve been doing a lot of easing one of my favorite easing options yeah yeah it’s really subtle but it but your eye can detect it just enough to make it.

Really cool yep so here we go and we’re just gonna let’s play that maybe from this point yeah we don’t have to start.

All the way from me and Kevin’s absolutely absolutely right we want fast responses ok so that kind of came in an interesting way.

Yeah but maybe we want it to start from a further from it you know even further away maybe just a little bit yeah let’s see how that looks again all about experimentation so we’re gonna grab but we can still grab it even though the opacity is like is down mm-hmm and I hope I didn’t just move it a little forgot to hold shift when I was moving but I.

Think it’s fine and let’s just go back here and once the ends can take a little bit of trial and error shimmer boom okay so I felt.

You know it felt more recognizable felt a little better yeah let’s continue to build out this screen because as you can see we have bad times at the El Royale is kind of hanging off clearly these are not the only.

Movies that are in theaters right so we need to kind of show more than just these movies and we’re gonna have we’re gonna program XD to kind of move these over.

Show more of a selection mm-hmm and the reason we go from sorry and typically you would do something like a drag effect for something like this but because we’re watching this and using this on a television you can’t really at least not at this point you can’t go up to the TV and just like.

Or that’d be cool minority of reports smile just like grab it in midair and just shove it over maybe one day yeah.

Yeah I think one day we’re gonna get there but you know I hope so I mean they tried that with the Xbox what was that called oh that motion sensor thing whatever it was cool but it had gestures and stuff and I feel like if we kind of retool that technology it’s gonna be back so you.

Know let’s go ahead and do this and so you see I have this selected and it shows what else is kind of in this group Kinect thank you Kinect there we go thanks guys and.

Gonna go ahead and just maybe pull it so it’s got that 64 pixels on the right side so precise yeah we you want to try to you know if that was me oh just shove it over there and hope for the best all right and I wonder if maybe.

We should pull it all the way over though whatever so we’ll just we’ll try this and all we’re gonna do is pull this.

Down and it’s not gonna be it’s gonna be on time what no it’s crazy yep and we’re gonna say show me more options Auto animate movie selection six and yeah we can do snap again you know that was fun maybe.

Gonna say cuz there’s there’s so many of them and has to move a far distance one second even though it seems like a lot it may move quickly so let’s do two seconds let’s place we kind of have twice as much movement yeah let’s go ahead and start from this again because I can’t get enough of this shimmer so here we go that comes in and we’re gonna.

Hit spacebar show me more options and that just move up nice and okay yeah yeah like it so it’s just how would you do an infinite.

Scroller well that you’re gonna have to work with your developer on how to kind of incorporate that but I could keep going with this layer and just keep saying more.

Options more alright or yeah you know maybe this would even if we were to kind of develop this a bit more we can kind of create filters like show me action-adventure movies that are in theater and it would just populate and bring it would maybe this would slide away and it would pull in only action-adventure movies yeah and like you’re gonna see in a second or two you can have multiple voice commands on a single artboard yeah there’s a various objects.

Yeah and we’re gonna play with that and a little bit later it’s gonna come up real fast so I said a second or two just yeah don’t mind me all right so we’re gonna get a little interesting and I have actually not done the.

Go back feature on this okay so you’re gonna have to help me sure I figured it out but what I’m here together and so from here since we pulled that over we’re actually gonna go back to this screen yep and it’s gonna be voice we’re just gonna say go back.

Auto animate cuz it’s going to figure out where this stuff is positioned and it’s going to do that for us yep snap two seconds see it’s learning kind of your behaviors and what you’d like to do and it’s gonna keep carrying that over.