Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Do that and then from here we’re going to go ahead and move to the next screen which is going to be theater selection mm-hmm and while you’re doing that we do have about 30 32 minutes left to submit your portfolios so that Michael and I can review them towards the end of the stream and give you all constructive feedback awesome yeah I’m really.

Looking forward to that it’s gonna be a good time they will be so here we go vocal command the vocal command.

This or we’ve done a lot of let’s wear the vocal commands should be this looks great or okay yeah this looks alright that’s really conversational this looks great we’re gonna auto and a mate and to hear maybe we should set up some stuff in this next screen before we kind of make that transition yeah set it up for transition kind of kind of dissolved in and maybe this isn’t like.

Super bright yet I mean deep this real quick so we’re gonna grab this and I like the slide in kind of stuff because you can keep it really you know I’m.

Gonna use the word shook on those voice commands absolutely do whatever you want so here we go we’re gonna go back to design and I’m gonna move it off a bit gonna.

Decrease the opacity and then here it’s remember we got auto animate so it’s gonna go ahead and pull that in for us and then we’re just gonna pull this off just a little bit and this is in this one I’m wanting to show kind of multiple.

Things happening at the same time so pull it in there this just gonna be.

A time delay yep and we’re not gonna have it wait for wait to start moving these things in it’s gonna be right away Oh Auto animate there we go theater to theater – – looking.

And snap for both of them yep that’s fine once again it does a lot for me I don’t have.

To manually input the stuff every time right it.

Kind of just starts to pick up on patterns so let’s go here and so we got a lot to go.

Through real quick here let’s choose first man I actually don’t think that was uh oh here we go look wonder what what today okay so just let’s okay I must have forgot to hit tab roki were saying so it picked up on lets and was like oh he’s talking about venom so let’s use the joys of designing yes yes alright so here we go let’s choose first.

Man load it we might want to kind.

Of slow that down and put it a little bit further out but this is looking good and maybe this would kind of fade in just a little bit slower and what was the vocal command again this is this looks good I think this looks good and boom boom alright great and those that happened really really nicely so.

We’re kind of keeping the the different we’re kind of keeping it really subtle we don’t want to over it we don’t want to blow this with animation features too much so and then we’re going to work from this screen because this is our kind of final state and we’re gonna drag it over into this initial screen over here and it just gonna be voice LED once again because it’s.

Coley boys app and it’s gonna be I choose so Sam Wright was also saying that you could um in addition to or in replacement of the the.