Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

To the theaters kind of coming in you can also utilize the repeat grid that.

You have to have it basically collapsed in the first screen and then kind of go down in the in the second one let’s do that sure go for it let’s deal with that because those are two really cool XD.

Features and seeing them work together like that yeah really fun sure so how do you think we should kind.

Of pull that off and here maybe let’s take away let’s kind of move this back into place yes so pack pop back into design mode yeah I’m gonna just so I know where I’m Adam now up the opacity again and make sure that easier.

Kind of once again this is an exact and remember you can hold option to.

Kind of figure out how far away you are from from things so that’s 72 we want it to be at 64 okay.

I got a lot going on here so I’m having trouble selecting the repeat grid maybe I’m clicking okay it is selected yeah handle around it I’m sorry mm-hmm my bad sixty-four okay perfect perfect and so like.

They were saying yeah just drag that up here and it’s already kind of extended down here so it’s just Auto animates gonna go ahead and figure out that that’s what we want to happen yep and I guess maybe we kind of lower the opacity just a little bit on this one maybe sure we’ll see what happens yeah you.

Never know until you try yeah here we go so let’s start from.

This screen this looks good boom nice really cool and I liked how cascade how it did that cached like that good suggestion Sam right yeah excellent suggestion so we’re gonna go ahead and keep that so that’s actually a more interesting flow okay so once again we’re.

Back at the theater to a saying you could also close it all the way up if you.

The first one to kind of be revealed as well but okay okay Nick yeah yeah you’re like he’s he’s got a lot of good ideas somebody.

Yeah let’s just do it cool BAM and I don’t really need to go I don’t spend the reason I did this cuz it doesn’t take me a lot of time to go back and kind of edit those that’s true all right so let’s work on go back into prototype mode okay so here.

We got it connected and it looks like I probably didn’t hit tab again so this vocal cue is incomplete I choose AMC majestic 12 which is actually a.

Really great theater in my hometown Chattanooga Tennessee and we got auto animate we’re gonna do with it go with a transition and yeah set it up so that it just dissolves yeah okay and okay I’m not gonna play with that too much so let’s start from back over here and let me just.

Once again remind myself of the vocal cue right here I choose AMC 12 majestic 12 okay so we’re gonna go to prototype yep let’s choose this I think it’s actually let’s choose first man and I choose majestic 12 okay it actually picked up on it.

Let’s look so it’s my supposed to know yeah that’s detailed enough to know that majestic.

12 is what I wanted to select okay and from here this is actually kind of a dynamic screen because we want to make sure to kind of stagnate that’s stagnate but withhold information but you know we don’t want to show everybody everything all at once because those other things might change depending on what you select right here right so let’s go back out of this prototype mode.

And on these screens specifically this.

One here would you want to add speech playback so that the assistant can ask which theater type do you want will show you.

Pricing information after you selected or something like that yeah let’s do that so we’re in this screen yep we’re just gonna this time it’s going to be time-based zero seconds because we want that voice to start right away yeah speech playback so I had to read through and let’s go ahead and type out.

What we wanted to say what did you just say that was a good that was a verse a shoe which screen type this is hard yeah yeah would you lie sign in and of itself coming up with car.

Really which screen type would you like will show you pricing after you select after I don’t know yeah it’s hard will show you pricing next or it’s not next show will show show times show times okay it’s gonna be kind of long-winded bet whatever it kind.

Of has to be in situations like this so.

The user knows exactly what to.

Expect okay so we got that so zero delay on that mm-hmm and we’re just gonna go from this screen to there and so let’s listen to it make sure everything played really well I choose majestic 12 forgot AMC again which screen.

Type would you like we’ll show show times after you select a screen type okay so that actually wasn’t as long as I thought but show show times is kind of tricky yeah and there’s those a double YUM it said screen type I think twice but okay this is just minor things yeah.

So let’s go back in there and let’s say we’ll reveal show times after you select a screen type cool so moving from.

Here to here we wanted to kind of Auto animate and bring in this next thing because we it’s a vocal trigger actually I’m gonna go in and I sent your top back.

Right is the poster on top by any chance so I need to interesting okay but anyways I’m able to select this and that’s what we really needed to get to and we’re just gonna do down here and do voice let the voice queue let’s go with IMAX and it’s just going to I guess it could just be a transition probably could we can just dissolve in that iMac share times yep that’s funny all to get fancy here yeah yeah I think we’re actually kind of getting close to our time frame.

So we’re probably gonna be able to get through all this so yeah we’ll be good.

Okay yes maybe nap snap is fine we’ve kind of kept doing that what is what is wind up I actually haven’t been so lined up kind of does the opposite of what you’re going to do so if if.

If on the second artboard you your intention is to make the objects move downwards on the first artwork before that transition starts it’ll very slightly move up and then down so it kind.

Okay okay so lets knowing that let’s just go with the ease in out sure to keep it simple yep i already forgot the vocal cue so let me go back and check that out let’s go with that mix okay now we’re just going.

To start from here cuz keep it kinda quick so your type.