Ui/ux Design With Mike Kochenburger – 3 Of 3

Would you like will reveal show times after you select a screen type I choose IMAX I think it was some other queue was let’s go with IMAX let’s go with IMAX alright and that just kind of pops up yep so let’s go back and and set this up and we’re night for these two kind of things we’re so after in this next screen we can set up.

A timed playback again zero speech playback because it’s kind of learning what we want to do here which Showtime looks good just keep it real conversational of course.

It’s like as if you were to talk to you maybe somebody who’s working at a movie.

Theater and then okay yeah I got to go back and design and put whatever that is let’s write that poster was on top yeah and select this go back to prototype and we’re just.

Gonna kind of lead it down into here the reason I have this highlighted is just to kind of consolidate the you know the chat out there make sure we’re focusing on kind of a singular thing yep definitely and we’re gonna do voice and. looks great okay and transition dissolve again easing out let’s keep it consistent.

And then so let’s go ahead and program this down here once again come pull that down all right and then so I’m going to yeah okay so here we go Kevin says just remember to say please they have emotions this is how we start programming like some more reactionary like my you know.

Some more like reactionary responses to maybe if.

You’re a little Curt or they.

Don’t start to read how your that’s gonna be an interesting time and in the home and everything you know this is how I sleep this is how we piss off the robots yeah slowly getting ice very angry and then yeah we don’t want them to rise up we want them to just you know sit stay nice I guess you could say I’m thinking.

Of robot so I don’t know if I.

Actually need to do okay we need to add in our timed vocal playback and we’re going to you times your seconds and it’s just gonna be and this is really cool cuz adult.

Is I don’t know how this is going to kind of play back because I don’t know if she’s gonna be able to say dollars but whatever even if interested with any of the number yeah even if.

It’s just reading the number it’s gonna.

The points gonna come across sure you can always type in the word dollars if that doesn’t work but let’s see what how this does okay I’m.

Curious is 1797 kids are okay so let’s start this from the beginning sure I gotta remember my keys okay let’s go with IMAX.

And then from here so like that 1:20 p. looks great okay and then maybe from here we go with this and it’s just let’s quit instead.

Of this vocal key so you kind of keep it going yep while you’re doing that we have about.

15 minutes left to get your portfolio’s in there’s still time and Michael and I will take a look at them shortly let’s to adult tickets please there you go Kevin I’ll be happy okay so yeah transition dissolve that’s cool all right here we go which screen type would you like will reveal show times after you select a screen type IMAX looks great that wasn’t the cue let’s shoot.

Let’s go with IMAX or let’s go with IMAX okay so time looks good alright 1:20 p. looks good okay I think it was actually.97 seniors dollar 17 comma oh seven kids are fifteen dollars and fifty.

Cents for a person well you put a comb instead of it I put a comments then about period okay let’s go.

Back and fix that because and replay that screen because that was really cool it actually included the the currency you’re doing this so it’s actually pretty intelligent which is really cool yep there’s the comma okay alright let’s fix that go back to this now I wonder if you were if you added a Euro symbol because they use commas instead of instead of dots for their currency I wonder if it it probably wouldn’t okay now we’re just we’ll try that.

Some other day all right here we go um so let’s start on the screen and let me just remember mine.

Myself in this vocal cue – it all takes place adult is $19.97 senior is seventeen dollars and seven cents kids are $13.50 princess cents yeah cool okay two adult.

Tickets please all right and then we’re in tour I’ll grab a seat all right so let’s go back and start to do that so here’s where we can kind of also include some more concierge come see.

Years Kyle Sierra I’m not sure how to set features and we’re also gonna add in an animation with our suggested seating to kind of draw attention to that because that’s really grabbing that’s really pulling on Alexis.

Strengths if she can learn sorry I just play set that off for everybody out there oops if she can learn kind of where you like to sit over time she can go ahead and start booking or go ahead and start suggesting seats around where you like and all.

You have to do is say let’s go with the suggested seating yeah and and that would be a much more easy way to do this instead of like this grid setup or you gotta go alright actually use 6e 7e you know so we can get you know we have it set up so you can kind of.

Do both and that’s what’s really great about thinking through these things is that you want to give them options right but you know make.

It as convenient as possible you know Gina’s asking is 1:20 p. Showtime supposed to be highlighted initially before you mention the time that’s just for this stream so that we can kind of keep the high the focus there.

But what it would do is after you did that vocal cue and selected it it would remain selected so that you could just look at it and you’d be like okay I selected iMacs. selected and it’s kind of giving you a visual confirmation as you’re going right this is where you’re at so sorry if I have a lot of hand motion and stuff but anyways alright so we’re in here you’re ready for Minority Report yes those kind of computers where you know you’re just going like this and it’s rotating the image anyway if.

You thought we had carpal tunnel now just wait till.

We actually control things like this it’s all true all right and so we’re just gonna make these a little.

Bit bigger and I’m gonna go up here I’m gonna lock the proportions and just bump that up eight-point or eight pixels sixty-four and so that’s gonna bump up and sixty-four make sure to lock the proportions and that’s so we’re not gonna spend a lot of.