What I Eat In A Week (easy, Lazy Vegan)

Hi you guys it’s Cayley welcome back to my channel today I have something a bit different for you guys but I’m really excited to be trying it out it is a what I eat in a week video I am constantly watching these sorts of videos on YouTube I feel like the main area of YouTube that I watch is.

Like vegan food in YouTube so it’s cool to be making this sort of content too so if this is what Avery and I ate over a week’s time we filmed pretty much every meal except for some breakfast because they were just getting repetitive and it’s also sort of special because.

It’s our first week back in the United States from traveling for a few months so I must admit that we were indulging in some of the foods that we had been missing while we were traveling another thing I wanted to mention is that I want this video to be a real-life clips into what we’re eating.

And not a super glamorized healthy version where like we only eat raw food because that’s totally not true we eat a lot of sweets I guess another thing to mention is that everything in this video is vegan we’ve been eating a plant-based diet together consistently for six or seven months I would say but it was a super gradual transition and these meals are good.

For everyone even if you eat meat dairy eggs.

You name it also if you’re looking for more food content I post food on Instagram stories that were cooking or eating out almost.

Daily I have an entire highlight really into it so starting off with Monday morning we are juicing for the day and we’re just making a picture of juice that we can kind of have over a period of days and then for food I’m having my normal which is peanut butter banana toast and berries I am always having a pretty.

Sugary breakfast in the morning and Avery had a buckwheat spirulina cereal that we got from the Bullock section and he had that atop oats with bananas and almond milk for lunch we are having one of my favorite meals and it’s a nice plate of veggies grains and beans before cooking I pretty much always roast my.

Veggies in an ideal world I would have meal prepped roasted veggies quinoa and rice in my fridge at all times but we’re starting with some washed and chopped sweet potatoes and zucchini.

And we typically season those with paprika olive oil red peppers.

Salt and garlic those are all of my favorite seasonings but you just have to figure out which ones work for you and then we put some quinoa on the stove add fresh avocado and tomatoes and black beans for.

Some extra protein and for this no we were actually cooking for four people so it made quite a hefty.

Serving for dinner we indulged and beyond burgers which are my favorite premade burger substitute we had broccoli and mushrooms on the stove in olive oil and red pepper and we also had grilled corn on the cob.

My favorite casual burger toppings are following your heart vegan cheese spinach tomato which we had leftover from earlier that’s a big thing that we try to do is make sure that we’re using all.

Of our produce when I first started cooking a lot of produce I found that so much of it was going.

To waste but I mean I guess it’s common sense but you just have to be creative with your meals and just add it wherever you please on.