What I Eat In A Week (easy, Lazy Vegan)

Tuesday for breakfast we had a super similar breakfast to yesterday my typical peanut butter banana toast same cereal and oats combo but we added peanut butter and blueberries for lunch Peter’s warmed up to some pizza that we had.
A few nights before we got it from a local spot this is amazing the crust.

Pizza with olives bunch of peppers it’s tomato sauce and for dinner we decided that we.

Should remake a dinner that we had when we were at this vegan Korean Italian fusion restaurant in London it was called vegan yes you need spinach rice preferably brown but we only had basmati so we sauce a jar of kimchi and some ingredients for some homemade cashew parmesan so for that you need cashews garlic powder nutritional yeast and salt so we’re.

Starting by making our own parmesans super cheap and all you need is a food processor you can probably do it in a blender or a coffee grinder and the salad it sounds pretty odd but you have to trust me here so infused soy sauce on the raw spinach and the.

Cashew parm mixed it together dressed in that and it’s just one of the most incredible salad dressings I’ve ever had and we had the rice and kimchi on the side for.

Breakfast a Wednesday we’re doing an avocado chickpea scramble started by mashing dream chickpeas in my hand I didn’t garlic and olive oil to a.

Pan mixing the chickpeas around with red pepper and cashew parmesan from last night cooks pretty fast takes like 5 minutes.

Max and it’s good if you’re not into the idea of a tofu scramble I feel for a good breakfast alternative to eggs and I also find that chickpeas or hummus always go great with avocado so we ended up adding that.

To two pieces of toast and then having a plate of leftovers added lemon juice and a bit of.

Red pepper to the top for extra flavor and.

We still had a bit of tomato left from our past meals so we added that for lunch we’re indulging and that’s um guarding chicken tenders and veggies Guardi unit is an amazing brand and I find that you can.

Get it at most grocery stores so we.

Just pop those in the oven with some zucchini to roast as well and we used to leftover quinoa to make this meal a bit more fully fruit dinner for having spaghetti gardenias meatballs tomato sauce and to rock the meatball is simmered on the stove and sauce while the.

Pasta boil super easy prepped broccoli.

Roasted in the oven with the typical red pepper seasoning and then for the pasta we added our cashew parm on top and it just got a little bit extra and also added follow your heart John as well on Thursday I didn’t show breakfast because it’s more of the same for lunch we went out for this meal to a new restaurant we’ve never been to before it was a local commercial spot but they also had a restaurant so we started off with the peach kombucha.

And a small plate of stuffed avocado and the stuff Java.

Cotta was filled with kimchi and pomegranates I don’t even know what else but it was incredible I met another small plate that was a kimchi taco wrapped in seaweed with sweet potato and brown rice and then for the main he had tempeh with pickled beets and kale and fruit and edible flowers and then afterwards we went to a vegan bakery.

And had some BOCES cupcakes which I haven’t had a hostess cupcake been so long I used to eat them all the time when I was little for dinner we had more beyond burgers because they were going bad in the fridge we had some more roast veggies so we had okra and eggplant this.

Time a season with red pepper of course and kasha Parmesan on Friday I was starting to feel sick this video was supposed to go up a lot earlier but I think I came down with the flu I never went to the doctor but it felt.

Just like the flu or any other time that I had it so we didn’t show breakfast snacked on some veggies and hummus we.

Had sugar snap peas carrots and peppers in the fridge I wanted a meal to set up when I was younger and that’s not always the best thing.

To do obviously when you’re starting.

To feel sick you should be eating all this healthy food but what I really wanted was my old hot dog and.

Mac and cheese meals that I lived off of when I was younger so we made field roast hot dogs it’s my favorite sausage brand that’s vegan a nice weekend mac and cheese they make the sauce out of sweet potato and pumpkin and then some roasted veggies from the night before that were meal prepped and of course cashew par on top ketchup on the side last but not least probably the easiest cheapest recipe.

In this video is our dessert which was homemade banana ice cream.

All you need is frozen bananas vanilla extract cinnamon and a bit of peanut butter although there are a ton of different recipes online for different flavors of this ice cream and then for the rest of the weekend I was in fact sick unfortunately we.

Which is one of my favourite meals a good green or red curry that super spice used tofu and veggies we also made a lot of turmeric milks paulĂ­nka recipe down below and ginger shots from our juicer and even if you don’t have a juicer you can buy their roots at the grocery store and put them in hot water.

Make yourself a sort of tea that would be a lot more affordable than buying a ginger shot or tumeric shop in the grocery store our local juice place and honestly a lot of times when you buy.

Those they’re super watered down with apple juice so it’s best just to make it yours and I think that’s it for this video so I hope you.

Guys enjoyed I would love to.

Have a conversation in the comments below if you have any recommendations for foods you think that I would like definitely let me know if I should do any more of these and I hope you.

Guys have a great day and I’ll see you soon bye.