The Nail Polish Organizer By Solid Beauty Concepts

What’s up guys today yes I like to nicely you know in so that was my first impression of and I wasn’t I want to get a full look of how the product is put together very sturdy not cheaply made at all and look at the hinges very look very it so tightly made because I’m holding it also happy.

Up my hands but very easily open but.

Put together very well very very very so that was my first impression.

Very impressed very impressed storage box and also over here is where you can nail clips in rewards nail files other accessories that goes and then over here these storages or you can make it the length that you need they’re adjustable or on this side on this side it holds your average I don’t know the measurements of an average.

Nail polish bottle we just say the average nail polish bottle as such but is that about two inches yeah all right this ain’t.

Show so go go back to business so put that bad boy in there now I’m going to show you when they do not see this one’s probably I went three inches so make sure this one is oddly shaped but guess what it still fits I just wanted to show you that isn’t gonna be the same shape but just know that don’t put me put on five inch bottle of it and so being your nail clip to.

Come over here you go edge adjust it to the size that you need up in this bad boy I can’t see so you put your little clip in there this little buffer thing for your.

Nails so this needs to be a little taller a little buffer thing oh yeah the red part because I just then you got your Emery boards now you can just play around with it nicer that way three boards so you can put that in there so.

You got your little nail buffer your Emery boards and I also put the clip in there and then you got your nail polish and this is what not going anywhere even your organization so if you’re a nail technician or you.

Just you don’t want to have it all over your purse or your suitcase or whatever boo-yeah easily be transported anywhere you need it to go and also if you are a nail tech I just added.

This myself instead of having the stickers still here which we like to support their brand but if you if you are a male tape you can put your own branding on here to personalize.

It customize it to you to your company so you can walk around so then you put the rest of your accessories as well as the remaining of your nail.

Polishes and it came with this toe separator the price is $19.

Polishes plus accessories that you can simply customize the storage space outside for 19.95 right now today yes today and guess what else dies if you’re not into nail polish and you.

Like you know what your crafted take your glitter this is also.

Your and Boston Bosman TV talk glasses you could take glitter we’ll.

Have you put it in there it goes.

And makes Turner’s just as well what about thing so if you’re not into nail polish this storage room you can also be used for your crafts as well so if you’re a crafter and you only go as well boo-yeah put your crafts in here you can use this storage it’s emulous yeah just use your imagination you don’t have to just.

Be applied to just nail polish – hi guys giveaway time it’s y’all enjoy this product just as much as I just read it and.

He won one for free just like I that one for free all you have to do is.

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