Displaced Residents Of 650 Parliament Collect Winter Clothes

Well imagine being out of your home for nearly two months unable to return incredibly it’s been that long for hundreds of people forced out of a Parliament Street high-rise by a major fire for the last few days they have been allowed back inside to briefly retrieve cold weather clothing today some shared the ordeal of being uprooted it is.

Very inconvenient like we are in tropical we are coming from all the way from there to just to pick this stuff so yeah it is very inconvenient everything has gone upside down our routine daily routine our lives we.

Are walking in downtown you’re coming all the way from there because that’s the place we got the time two months back so we just had to take someplace to live residents told city news that they were given 30-minute windows to retrieve their belongings but many said they had to wait in line for hours to get inside it’s really terrible I like we’re giving like 30 minutes and we can yeah everything out of 30 minutes.

But today luckily there’s not much big of a line so we’re like getting in and out much faster most days it’s four to five hours but for the past two days it’s been like 15-20 minutes there’s nothing we can do but it because we’re not getting any physical help it’s either we take our stuff and we go out or you know we’re on the streets.

Residents can continue to return until Sunday to collect things from their apartments last we heard they probably won’t be able to reoccupy their units until early next year.