Camera Track Dope Titles In Your Video | Adobe After Effects Cc 2019

Alright guys today’s video is going to be about integrating graphics and text into your video itself to give it a wee bit more debt and some more interest points so without further ado we’ll jump into After Effects now the composition can be done one of two ways you can open After Effects you can import your raw footage and.

Start a composition from there or you can do it as a linked active composition from within Premiere Pro the first.

Thing you will want to do is get a nice stable shot and if you can shoot a gimbal that is great and it serves tenfold and in the long run however you will still need that slight bit of stabilization if your gimbal isn’t fantastically smooth so apply some warp stabiliser use.

Think this gets the best result you don’t want to use subspace port because that gives.

The JLo effect use a possession and skill or possession skill and synthesize a G’s or crop whichever one you’re wanting if you don’t want to lose too much information once you’ve done that you want to pre composure in footage because the camera track won’t work at the same thing as warp stabiliser you will want to apply the camera track once this camera trap is done you will see many.
Points these are all in the z space so that they have.

Picked when you want to apply anything to it you will select multiple of these points to get a more accurate track and then right click and select create null and camera double check your work see if the null blades at.

All or whether it is stuck solely to the point that you would select you now moving on to the graphics section and well then after effects the graphics that you can pull off are ridiculous and I.

Have done just a simple text thing and with the text if you do your composition you can actually export that template and reuse it within premiere this is invaluable this is from 2018 earlier update and the 2019 see you’re able to do this so once you’ve put together a randomly text piece you can drag and drop that composition into your mean workspace and then pick what attach it to the null object once you’ve done this you.

Can adjust the parameters the lakes of the anchor point for where you want the text to sit in the image you move that where the null object is and then you.

In z space one thing I will note I actually forgot to do this I’ve not included it in it but I had forgotten to activate 3d M on the layer this means that you can.

Rotate and all of the access accesses and you can then get a better looking track it sits in the image a lot better and it won’t actually set it won’t actually track along with where you.

Want it to if you don’t have 3d enabled alright guys so that is the tutorial for creating text that sets seamlessly within your project and you’re seeing that and your video hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video if you have thumbs up would be much appreciated if you have any questions or anything that you want to ask or talk about leave them in the comments down below I won’t get back to them and subscription would be much efficient a subscription would be much appreciated and but until the hexane guys keep.