Trying To Get A Victory In Fortnitemares

How you doing hopefully doing fine this we’re gonna play some fort nightmares today and it’s trying another victory I haven’t even got a solo victory so if I do get a victory I’m gonna be so happy am i actually droplet a place where there’s no monsters then I can just kill other people and get the victory like that.

Right I’m just it’s a quiet place and then I don’t know if it’s a real quiet place I was lucky yeah it’s real longing let’s go play.

Doo doo dee dee dee doo doo doo doo doo leave a like and subscribe if she like the battle bus song we Jesus Christ okay I’m go there now let’s just go here because.

There could be two chests but if not one they’re already here tax going off tax or comments I don’t know what but I hear guns going off so decide no.

Cheston here Nate but now my boss Pub yay might have to go to up and a corrupted erupted or corrupted place and then I can get some guns from monsters had only one good that is so cool any murse go ahead and rest now just get we 834 what the hell oh okay yeah listen Jeff it’s not all that it’s pump scare these months instead bandages what the.

Hell what was that from right there sorry private I also be cured.

Of Monster if she’s very sorry most of it let’s get out of here I need dots I’ll take the rest of this oh yeah an update was down roughly please shush please don’t need miss some G go get the rest of this oh yay they’re on a perfect place it’s just invited me to go into a game with him.

I want to finish this and I might join might not one over there but I’m just gonna go over here to get this one oh this is a bad I’ll play a little late who stops with me oh yay oh you get is so I clobbered I fly from my head ah ouchies crossers so much icing to Snively it’s wasted a sniper ammo come on this guy’s so alive good gosh not anything good hey that was so close no where did I get sniped from kid being that guy in front of me huh oh yeah.

It was this still didn’t get a victory I’m really not gonna get one hopefully I do though comment down below who I should be outlawed of these characters Oh I’m tired Guto to to to to to to to to to to to to to I will feel like I don’t know I go to one of the bunkers and get.
Some loot and then go into there oh what’s this one it’s a blue.

Is even a weapon it’s you revolver yang didn’t use one of these I don’t think hold on where is the people I should have been there they should be here where are Z Hey good God Wow didn’t even need to jump get out of here get out of here eat.
You and take that why don’t you ever stop.

Like you know who you’re harming you trying to hurt.

Yes that was annoying shut up please ash.

You’re just ruining the whole video no one’s gonna watch me then I’m gonna be sad because I know I have no one that’s watching we both need to get you know a victory so bad I am so bad oh this is take.

Forever this one gosh doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo-doo let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go – Ashley mountain I like mountains ups cuz no one really goes there oh wow go away there is no zombies on playground that’s gonna be impossible you just died ash please ash Oh pump attack I don’t know I’m just gonna use tack no okay leave that bless me yes if I didn’t stick that sticker there then.

He wouldn’t have died well those were gonna do anything and it up killing him hey you oh you dance no I made myself dance you are leaving answer packages this is doing something good.

Over there there’s stop throwing stickers see if I get anything I even get any damage done to anyone what did he die it’s dead that’s Jeff Randall winning listen it is slash but it is.

The lash no he’s floated me four people kills and 58 zombie kills that’s gonna be it for this video today hopefully you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe leave a like and see you next.