Daequan Give Me That Body Boy | High Kill Funny Game (fortnite Twitch Streamer Highligths)

Chillin in the back chillin in a let down pull your brain goes flat busy with the tag hit without ever you don’t wanna ride in the Chevy anyways and brothers is shell boy think the bus driver named heck the world I got that double pump boy I was a damn heck around with us I was hearing like all.

Times and freakin sounds do house ready to go pounce on that dude mean there’s no handle no animals you.

Not one bullet by the way to get counselors in a client game I doubt they would make a comment like a supreme cosplay cross-play option because like I could just go fight yet your logins.
And shit well I mean I don’t know about people say that is feared.

Like on soldiers shit I personally don’t know I don’t play I know I’ve ever.

Bought this we’re gonna make American you know yeah very partner oh sorry balsa bolsa surprised I didn’t go down here party chess is shit baby well man yo Hamel is coming through with the 11 K oh my content boy what do you think you’re doing man oh my god give me this heavy brother you’re not using it.

You’re not losing it I deserve it no.

Just like all that TV content you’re hurt what are you doing brother hello slide into the lobby my man go ahead slide into the lobby brothers begone begone DJ yonder box partner god they’re gonna toast what are you a baby girl yeah brother we both missed our second shot we’re dudes accept it I’m accepting it you should accept it – okay we’re doing a really brother.

Really come on are you at Boyle oh yeah what you can’t escape my wrath partner.

That cute bright bomber booty is all mine I love it I can smell the blossoms coming from that boom.

Come on brother good man just just just give it up man just give it up mother it’s over it’s over you can’t escape it’s not prolonging the inevitable that booty is mine it’s mine what the hell brother really.

Really gonna do this dude brothers what the hell are you doing beer hail you do it mommy why Wow hey ever seen that good for that dude Wow that’s how I’m feeling right now dude Wow I mean I mean that may made it a young Mamie excuse me oh hell you think you’re.
Shooting at him brother no nice right whoa.

The fuckin edit delay please all right we’re gonna make me do it to you brother hail brother hey brother you thought my friend you thought you were safe but you’re not you were not safe.