Best Travel Packs: Thule Subterra Carry On 40l Review

Hey guys so this week we’re taking a look at the thule subterra 40 leader and so we’ve actually looked at the smaller version of this bag in the past the Thule subterra 34 leader and that was a nice roll top travel backpack that was really versatile had great quality and so far it’s been a really popular bag based.

Off the feedback that I’ve gotten on the video and so when I saw the 40 leaders subterra I was really excited to see that it seemed to offer a lot.

Of the same quality and style that the 34 leader offered but most importantly I really liked to see that it wasn’t a roll-top bag and that it was a more traditional travel style bag which opens up like a suitcase so for the way that I like to pack that’s definitely a little bit more appealing than the roll-top bag and I also like the kind of more professional looking style that this bag had to offer and so it’s just really excited to.

Get my hands on it and see what it actually felt like size-wise because 40 liters is usually a little bit towards the larger end of what I.

Like to travel with but I’ve been testing this bag out for the past couple of weeks and it’s been a really great experience so far it has the same quality and style that I’ve come to expect from the Thule bags that we looked at past along with some great features that make this a really versatile and stylish bag to travel with let’s just go ahead and dive in and take a closer look at the Thule subterra 40.

Liter so just starting out with the overall aesthetic and look of the bag I really like how clean and sleek the bag manages to look as I mentioned in.

The intro the bag is a 40 litre capacity which I would typically expect to feel a lot bulkier than the spec ends up feeling so just a really.

Pockets or zippers on the outside and the bag is made out of a really durable.

Feeling 800 D nylon which that one feels like it’s gonna hold up well to the rigors of traveling if you build quality overall feels really nice the bag including ice YKK zippers all around there’s a nice protective covering over the zippers to help add a little bit of water resistance so if you do get caught in the light rain and feels like your belongings are gonna be.

Dry but I can’t emphasize enough just how much I was surprised with how clean and stylish the bag looked I really think this will work well for business travel in particular it feels like it’s gonna look really great with a suit or some nice your clothing on if you’re traveling for a business trip and even though.

40 litres it really looks sleek while you’re wearing it when I put this on as a backpack I was really surprised how it didn’t really stick out too much and I felt very comfortable walking around with it even.

When completely full I didn’t feel like I was gonna be bopping people if I was on a tight tram or something like that so it looks great while wearing it as a backpack and then on top of that the bag has really nice handles all around that feel really durable very comfortable to hold they’re a little bit thin I wish they had just.

A little bit more padding but they feel nice and sturdy and so they have the handles on three other sides of the bag on the side and on the top and bottom which will make.

It very easy to kind of lift this up and put it into an overhead storage compartment at that forty liter size this does feel like a bag that’s gonna comply with a majority of airline requirements and even on international.

Airlines I feel like this would be fine to carry on and just wear on your back and then put into the overhead compartment I don’t think that it’s gonna get big enough to cause any problems it’s a really nice balance there between providing a sleek look and enough space to hold.

Everything that you need to travel with and so one thing you’ll notice as we’re going around the exterior of the bag is that because it’s so sleek there’s not a whole lot of organization on the.

Outside so there’s not anything like a water bottle compartment so if you do want to carry something with you’d have to clip it on with a carabiner or find a way to fit it into one of the accessory compartments at the bike does provide so not a big deal.

Overall and a really nice trade-off I think it’s worth it to kind of maintain the sleek look and so the bag can actually be carried in three different ways it’s really nice that you can actually hold it as a briefcase so here as I mentioned it has a.

Nice sturdy handle and if you just want to carry it on your side you can do so very comfortably there the bag also includes a very comfortable shoulder strap which can easily be attached and removed if you want.

To carry this as a shoulder bag if that’s a little bit more comfortable or you like that look better than actually wearing this as a backpack it’s very easy to connect the strap it has these very easy clips.

And it has two durable feeling plastic rings here that you can connect the shoulder strap to and as I.

Mentioned the strap itself is very well padded it’s nice and thick and even though I don’t particularly like wearing these.

Type of bags on my shoulder in this style I do feel like with the weather shoulder strap is padded and comfortable it would be fine for anybody who wants to try it that way so one thing I did want to mention about the bag is the weight when the bag is empty it’s about 3.5 pounds so it’s a little bit on the heavier side due to the stronger materials that it seems to have the bag has a lot of padding and a lot of features so it’s.

Not surprising that it’s a little bit heavier and so I didn’t particularly notice any issues while carrying it as a shoulder bag or as a briefcase and it definitely not while wearing another backpack but just something I wanted to go ahead and call up and so as I mentioned the bag can be carried in three ways as a briefcase as a shoulder bike and it has these hideaway backpack.
Straps that allow you to carry on your back very comfortably and.

So the backpack straps hide in the zippered compartment here and they’re very easy to put on and off the bag which is really nice I always hate when bags offer this feature but they make it very complicated.
To kind of remove the straps and hide them so really nice that how easy.