Driving Efficiency & Improving The Bottom Line Using Compelling Visual Analytics At Stamford Health

Our name it’s indeed an honor and a pleasure for me to welcome you all to the very first session of the healthcare and life sciences track at TC 18 it’s it’s such a pleasure to see the healthcare audience grow by 25 to you know 30 percent every year since we commenced the track in 2015 I’m Andy day I’m.

The Senior Director for healthcare and life sciences at tableau responsible for the industry strategy and.
Marketing globally for providers payers Pharma and Med devices and one of.

The cofounders of the healthcare vertical and it is it is indeed an honor to introduce our speakers for a very first presentation to kick off the healthcare and life sciences track driving efficiency and improving bottom line and King in.

Analytics at Stanford Health this is an amazing story about a mid-sized healthcare system really deploying tableau strategically across the enterprise thanks to the leadership of our of our speakers here dr.

Divya Malhotra who’s the executive director for analysis and innovation.

Health I have three master’s degrees across three countries in.

In business and engineering but I’m I’m you know just overwhelmed and honored to introduce her because she’s a medical doctor she is a master’s in public health and she’s an MBA and it is it is a visionary leadership that has really led to the success that you’re about to.

A certified six sigma black belt Luis Rodriguez is part of her team and is a senior product project manager in the Department of analytics and innovation widespread experience across asset management financial management and analytics.

From Tulane and also holds a certified financial analyst and a new one chartered.

Alternative investment analyst which is an exotic designation and has contributed.
To this phenomenal work so with that brief introduction dr.

Luis Rodriguez from Stanford Health please greet them with a.

Big applause can you hear us okay great thank you Andy for that introduction now I really feel like I need to live up.

To this after that but um thank you so much for joining us on this beautiful Tuesday morning we’re excited to present our journey.

And our lessons from our analytics deployment and some of the use cases that we will be presenting to you.

So working I’m gonna try to all right so just a quick overview of what we’ll be doing today I’ll spend a little bit of time not too much on talking about our analytics journey at Stanford Health a little bit about ourselves and what the lessons learned and some key takeaways.

From our journey then we’ll deep dive.

Into the actual use cases we have a lot of use cases so.

We want to spend the chunk of most of our time on that section in the middle talk through some of the finance revenue cycle operational clinical quality and population health use cases and then just.

A quick snapshot on the next steps in future direction it’s not alright so a little bit about Stanford Health just quickly we are a single hospital system so we have one hospital three hundred five beds but we do have our own our own employed Medical Group and you’ll be seeing a lot of use cases that are developed for our Medical.