Do You Struggle With Bloatedness Or Tiredness?

Hello community and thank you for watching this on replay unfortunately I can’t come live because me and Facebook I’ve had another falling out so I’ve done a quick video first of all I just want to say thank you to all that to everyone that is new in the grave thank you for joining in I hope you get some.

Value from the group and give us a shout so anything that specifically you want to say and and if you do watch this video on replay do put like give some love hearts or put hashtag replay.

So what want to do and next week will be live is just go through it I mean I’ve been.

Now with FM for over two and a half years so it’s a plumbing long time and and the so many reasons have stayed with them but obviously one of them is a lot of the products so each Friday I’m gonna go hopefully live in the grape and tell you which product has really made a benefit to me this week so its 12th of January as you know our hashtag fighting to get fit or fighting to be fit this.

On a mission to get healthier I hope your and either joining in or watching me and spurring me on if you don’t mind that’d be great and lots of hints and tips going onto my facebook page Chaz’s beauty secrets the group is really and I will do a video for it more about the products the offers the discounts and having a bit of fun so thank you for being in there so first full week of the year and full week by I mean.
Kids going back to school and everything getting back to.

Normal so whatever hiving news in this week that’s really made a difference to me and it is one of the multivitamin systems this has been my first full week where I have actually taken.

The inner balance okay so what is inner balance what’s it’s all about this is ideal for anybody that wants a detox okay anybody that is struggling with its hired nurse because.

Of all the food our drink that they’ve put into the system or they’re not eating healthily and they’re struggling to sleep because this is the big reason why I’ve picked this I have never slept so well this week and it really has a bit unbelievable I’ve got off to sleep quickly and I feel like I’ve been in a coma of had such a deep sleep so that when I’ve woken I’ve really not wanted to waken up but um.

I feel energized when I wake up so what how does it work so simply you take the two sachets a day one.

In the morning one in the afternoon now these actually contain and I’m glad to read this out cuz it’s roser sense of foliat flower extract okay and basically they support the process of eliminating the waste from your body good one they also help maintain the acid balance.

Which can cause that fatigue in your system and they also have in the sachet some zinc which helps function your immune system so that’s good they have magnesium and iron which also help reduce tiredness they have a nettle herb extract which helps eliminate water as well from your body so I have.

Noticed that my stomach has shrunk because I’ve got no bloated there at all which is another benefit then you take two capsules at night which are just those now they have lemon balm extracts and hops in them so they will also help the 24-hour system of detoxing your body but I’ll help you to get to sleep up quicker and it will.