Opening Up…

Hi guys I’m here with another laundry tatts video and I usually do my laundry downstairs even though my laundry machines and everything are upstairs I always do my laundry downstairs it’s not weird but I want to make it more of like a Q&A this time so I asked you guys a bunch of questions on insta story you guys.
Had so many questions so many.

Really good questions so I have a bunch of them here we’re gonna try and get through as mates again we do some laundry it’s gonna be.

Good time I’ll stop my iced coffee and a bunch of caffeine that I probably don’t need let me know if you guys want to see more of these types of qat laundry chat kind of more chill videos in the future I love doing.

Them they’re super super fun and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on new videos every Saturday we’re gonna get to the laundry now so without further ado let’s dive into these questions okay so let’s start with this one why don’t you wear your wedding ring in your videos that’s a question I get.
I get it it’s very confusing it’s because I get.

Eczema on my hands a lot especially because I deal with a lot of anxiety and that seems to make it flare up more and the more that I wear it the more that it flares up and for longer so I find that if I don’t wear when I’m in the house which is where I film then it doesn’t bother me anymore so I tend to only wear it when I go out is there a place that you really want to.

Visit that you haven’t been to.

Yet yes I’ve always wanted to visit Australia I know this really cliche but I’ve always wanted to go there and it’s just like the flight is so super long and I couldn’t be that I couldn’t be gone that long without my kids so I’d want to bring my kids but like a 17-hour flight I just can’t justify next question how do you and Chris find quality time together that’s.
Tough honestly because we both work out of.

The house so we’re both working and we have the kids and so being able to balance all those different time priorities properly is really.

Tough and I struggle with it a lot so finding time is making time I guess is my biggest piece of advice and it’s it’s tough to do when there are all these other priorities that I feel like need my attention and I’ve learned over the years that the only.

Way that you’re actually going to get coupled time is by like scheduling it and booking it in otherwise it’s not gonna happen I’m really bad at it though my fitness mantra Oh Fitness I am so bad at fitness guys I honestly wish I was one of.

Those girls that was like yeah I just get up and I go and I go in the morning and I get my smoothie and I’m just right no that’s not me I don’t like working out I never really have I’ve done it in the past and there have been oh man there’s.

Put that over there stain remover on it in the past I was really good about working out and I really liked classes that was basically the only way that I could get my butt to gym and so I would go with a girlfriend we would go after work and we would go to this like Pilates cardio kind of class and that was awesome it was really fun to come over for dinner after and it was just like a nice like hangout time to.