How I Manage My Anxiety | Postpartum Anxiety

Hey friends welcome back to my channel my name is Danielle for those of you who are new here today’s video is gonna be a little bit different from videos that I normally do it’s gonna be a little bit more on the serious note today I’m gonna be talking about five things that I do to help curb my anxiety.

As a stay-at-home mom so if you’re interested in this kind of content and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching guys this video was done in collaboration with my friend Katie here on YouTube she’s a mama to three beautiful children and she is just a wonderful.

Lovely person she has an awesome channel she does cleaning motivation and mommy videos I know you guys will love her so when you’re done with this video go on over and check out her channel before I get into this video I just want to throw out a little disclaimer I am NOT a medical professional I have not.

Been trained in mental health so if you are feeling feelings of depression or anxiety please speak to your doctor or healthcare profession so after Avery was born right away I noticed that there was a difference in me there was a change I was just anxious all the time I had all these obsessive thoughts and feelings.

And although there’s really no formal diagnosis for postpartum anxiety I knew that I had some kind of postpartum anxiety or postpartum OCD I just I knew that something in me had changed so after about six months I decided that I really needed to take a step up and to just kind of focus on myself.

And focus on my mental health so I would have.

All kinds of crazy thoughts I would have crazy thoughts before getting in cars that we were gonna get in a car accident I would have crazy thoughts that one of my kids were gonna fall off the balcony I would always just wonder.

If I turn the stove off if I turn the teapot off if I turned it if I turn the oven off even if I hadn’t even used them I just always had these thoughts I’m just something going wrong.

All the time all day and then I also had feelings of guilt all day long was I doing things right was I good enough mom was I good enough person and then it would.

Just spiral out of control until I was worrying about things that happened 10 15 20 years ago in high school so it just I’ve gotten to the point where I really need to take a step back take a breather and focus on myself so today in this video I’m just gonna share with you.

Five things that I do on a normal basis that just helps me curb these anxious feelings that helps me kind of take a breather take a relax and just kind of reset alright so the first thing that I like to do if I’m feeling anxious is I.

Like to grab my feelings box that I got from Young Living it’s full of great smelling essential oils that really help calm my nerves and this one here is my favorite once I’ve got my diffuser going I like to set.

An alarm for 15 minutes this just gives me a little bit of time to have to myself and during this time I normally like to make lists of what I want to do if I’m feeling anxious about all the tasks that I have.

For that day and then when I’m done I like to take a little bit of time for myself whether it’s reading or writing today I wanted to color I don’t know it’s clearly got some new gel pens so I just wanted a color and.

That’s what I did for about 10 minutes the next thing that I find that really helps me is if I have a change of scenery.

The house normally it doesn’t matter what I’m doing it just matters that I’m out so I know that some of you Mama’s may not be able to get out without the kids but that doesn’t matter just get outside get.

Some fresh air look at the sunshine look at the trees the birds anything really so I just find that it helps big time to just get some fresh air and get out of the house the third thing that I find that really helps me is surrounding myself by.

Beautiful things this doesn’t have to be material things for me here I’m just cutting up some fresh flowers and placing them around the house I just find that I if I surround myself.

With things I enjoy colors smells just anything beautiful to look at it really helps my mood so having flowers around the house having candles that you like to smell anything really having music on that really just puts you in a good mood I find that this helps immensely just setting the mood in my house it just helps me set the tone for the day I also find that when I’m eating and drinking healthy that I feel much better so sometimes I just.
Like to have tea sometimes I have juice and I just sit.

Down for five or ten minutes and just kind of decompress with my.

Tea or my juice and just look at my phone and I find it helped Center me staying I kind of felt silly doing it’s positive affirmations where I tell myself a few things that I like about myself in the mirror I find that we are so hard on ourselves we are our own risk critic so if I sit down and.

I just say nice things to myself in the mirror I immediately start to feel better the next thing that I like to do is I like to take five or ten minutes out of my day and just.

Pamper myself so if I’m starting to have negative feelings or feeling anxious and I just need a change of scenery but I can’t get out of the house I just like to go and I will do a face mask today I was just putting some conditioner in my hair and then I did a quick little workout routine it really took me only about five or ten minutes and actually Avery.

Was sitting at my feet just playing this day so it’s just important to take care of yourself and to.

Pamper yourself even if it is at home and just using what you have a home thanks so much for watching guys I really.

Hope you did enjoy this video I enjoyed making it I think that our mental health is so important as mamas or it really is anyone.

In general mental health is extremely important I think it’s something that really should be talked about more often because I think that so many people really do struggle with anxiety and depression so if you did like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up hit the bell below if you want to see more content like this and don’t forget to subscribe thanks so much for watching guys we’ll see you next.