My "over 50" Morning Anti-aging Skin Care + Full Face Makeup!

Hi everyone this is Anne I’ve received several requests to do my AM and PM skincare routines and also a get ready with me on how I do my daily makeup and so today’s video is going to be my am skincare routine plus my everyday makeup routine and as always I’ll go ahead and link all the products that I.

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It so every morning I start out by just rinsing my face off and patting it dry and then every morning or every other morning depending on how rushed I am for time and if my skin is irritated or not I’ll typically do a.

Light exfoliation of my skin and I have two physical exfoliants that I really love one is by Nippon fab and this is the glycolic scrub the other one is by derma e and this is.

Their microdermabrasion scrub both of these scrubs have sand like particles and.
So they’re fine enough particles that they just really polished the skin.

Use my little ol a brush and it’s just a cleansing brush that spins and it’s not real aggressive it’s gentler than a Clarisonic is so I’ll just work the scrub in all over my neck my face my chest and the backs of my hands every morning typically before I jump in the shower and I do go across my lips to exfoliate my lips.
As well and then after I’ve exfoliated and rinsed off my face and patted it.

Dry I go ahead and put on a peptide serum and the one that I have been using for years is by derma e and this is their Deep Wrinkle peptide.
Serum it absorbs quickly it’s lightweight I just apply it to my neck and.

My face and gently massage that in I followed that up with my vitamins serum and – almost empty as you can see I’ll link what it is beneath this video it’s an active sea stable.

Vitamin C serum and it has 5% vitamin C and I just put a little bit on my neck and my face again this product does absorb quickly it is lightweight and I.

Put these two sermons on before I put on my makeup after I’ve applied my peptide and my vitamin C serum and I let those soak in for just a few minutes I go ahead and apply just a little tiny bit of a primer and I like one by.

Peter Thomas Roth this is his skin to die for primer and it’s supposed to be like a no filter type of primer that kind of blurs the appearance of wrinkles lines and pores and it is slightly mattifying so it helps to control oil throughout the day so I just apply a tiny bit of this to my face and a little bit on my neck before I apply.

My makeup after I have a little primer on I go ahead and apply my foundation and the one.

That I like to use on a daily basis is by it cosmetics and this is the regular CC + cream it’s not the illuminating one it’s just the regular one and I wear mine in the shade medium this does have my SPF in it it’s SPF 50 and so I just apply one pump and apply that.

Starting in the center portion of my face so my forehead my nose in my chin area and then I work that kind of.

Outwards on my face I apply another half of a pump and I applied that on my neck I just work it in with my fingers and then once I’ve worked it in with my fingers.