Always Discreet Incontinence Period Pads For Females

Oh it’s the street and it is for bladder leakage this is the regular path itself in the long length they come in their own pouches if you just tear it out it sticks very well and stays in place it’s very it’s really nice and long so they have elasticized panels all around that help trap lock and and keep.

Odors and wetness inside your sitting or walking or whatever you might be doing it will help you stay dry this long length is regular length and this three absorbency moderate maximum and ultimate they also have odor protection and they smell nice many of us at times can have issues of my early age whether.
It is due to age medical condition or after childbirth.

So don’t you need a little bit of extra protection you want a circular liner maybe you’ve come.

Where you might just need a little something to help in case.

You tinkle like the package set always discreet.