White Goo In My Beauty Blender, Spiders??? | Chels Nichole

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today we show you guys what kind of crap I keep in my makeup bag so every Sunday I like to go around and kind of just get everything organized for the week ahead whether it’s cleaning up my closet making sure my shoes are all wiped down and organized or my exercise clothes.

Or just anything in that all the laundry is done put away staying with.

Bedding I love to have crisp sheets on a.

Sunday as well as a vacuum floor I just like to.

Have everything clean and precise because in my.

Mind I feel like if everything’s kind of clean around me and uncluttered my week ahead is gonna be pretty good now that isn’t always the case because we know.

Frickin hectic and you never know what’s gonna pop up in front of you but I feel with a little bit of organizational skills and just kind of game in order you’re gonna be okay you’re not gonna be as bamboozled if something terrible comes.
Weekend you’re not ready for it as a Sunday ritual I always.

Always always clean out my makeup bag it’s been like this since I’ve been wearing makeup pretty.

Much since I started wearing makeup back.

In junior high so this has been like over 10 years that I’ve been doing this now every Sunday I clean everything out of this good ol makeup bag of mine spread it out in front of me and get a damp cloth wipe everything down and he powder that a spill to any like eyeliner that.

Has gone on I just gotta get it clean now this makeup bake has totally seen its days it’s a.

Betsey Bowman when I seen it at the store I was like yes I need this bake I need it it is so me I love that like the glitter and everything like I love tacky I know tacky okay so first things first what’s in my bag I always like honestly if you guys see it it’s like a mess since I like it it’s a hot freaking mess it is just it’s atrocious everything is just thrown in.

Usually like I have like a style and a.

Rhythm of how I put everything away like we’re getting complex here this is how.

My mind works but right now with everything being thrown in the first thing on top is my loose skin powder it is the NYC at loose face powder I like the Laura Mercier one but sometimes it just like I.

Go through this so quickly I can’t bring myself to pay like the $42 like every month for it so this is a really great doopy I got this from Walmart see how everything is just thrown pretty much like what I finished my face with is on top which is so stupid the second thing that is on top is my highlight at least so I use for a highlight I think it’s like a bronzer actually but it is.

The Mack mineral skin finish and it is in the color soft and gentle I just yes see the next thing in my bag that is on top and easy to grab is the benefit hoola bronzer this is like a freaking cult classic everyone has this in.

Their honestly in their like makeup regimen I think so if you don’t you should get it now I keep two blushes one is like super super drugstore its the NYC it is the cheek glow I’ve like hit pen a long time ago with it but it is in the color outside cafe and I I don’t know I really like this one especially now like we’re coming into the fall I can’t wear my Sephora shame on you it’s.