White Goo In My Beauty Blender, Spiders??? | Chels Nichole

Really pink and I mix the two together and this is like the color I get it’s kind of a muted.

Pink rather than it being just like in your face like bright ass pink just an eyelash curler I’m like super cheap about it and I go to.

Forever 21 you got them for like 4 bucks here is the.

Maybelline matte and poreless fit me foundation I do like this but lately my skin has been reacting really back to it I really like getting really bad rashes and breakouts once I take it off so I don’t know if it’s like hustling to do with the.

Weather now that we’re coming into fall and like starting to get really dry where I am I may have to change this.

Up I should do what like a before and after and just show you guys how bad I like get rosy from it the Smashbox photo finish primer it is like my ride-or-die I love this and my NYX eyebrow cake I’ve been using it honestly some of these products like my face products have not changed really since high school I’ve been using this stuff since then and like obviously it’s not the ones from high school I repurchase but.

I don’t like change ice white strips to obviously keep your teeth white these are the.

Shaver I use the Clinique high impact mascara and I feel like it just gives my eyelashes so much volume mind you I.

Do have falsies on and they’re just the kiss falsies that you get at Walmart like not one NYX matte lipstick in London but – because I’m so scared that I will run out or I will lose this and then I’ll go to the store and.

It won’t be available and do you see it do you see how my mind is it’s like anxiety all the time because I’m overthinking these bad scenarios of what can happen with simple.

Lipstick because honestly I live for this one this is some of my favorite it like I would kill someone for this lipstick I would wear a lip liner everyone has that I have the Mac Pro Longwear concealer it’s really good like I’ve been.

Using this one for a couple years now and it covers up my redness any like blemishes that I have which you can probably see cuz natural.

Light shows everything but this one’s really good and it stays on for 24 hours so you’re not gonna sweat through it it just sticks with this whole I use NC 20 and it’s the cool cool shades I don’t like using warm on my face so this is a winner another matte and poreless can see there sometimes like when I’m not tan like I’m kind of in-between a self tan.

Right now I’m just looking at myself in my mirror and.

I’ve got really kind of blotchy like obviously my hands I like I’m.

Lighter here and then here and like I don’t know so you see that how it like fades off I don’t know how to.

Like take off an even tan evenly so I kind of just like let it fade and like it’s not fun like look at that it’s like white and then it’s orange it’s just it’s so patchy I have the 120 and the 125 that I showed you before sometimes I mix these two.

Together I use this when I put on a fresh tan like the 125 and I’m super dark.

Use 120 when I have no tan left on my body so I do differentiate between these two but unfortunately they’re both making me break out and get.