White Goo In My Beauty Blender, Spiders??? | Chels Nichole

A red rash covergirl Ready Set gorgeous concealer I have it in medium it’s okay I’m not gonna see it’s my favorite it has really really like low coverage I feel like for myself anyways maybe because I’m more like.

Red and I can have patchiness and everything and breakouts on my face so I don’t know I like it is good I do use it when I’m in a rush because it has.

The doe foot applicator and I just put it on but it doesn’t give.

Through the day so like breaks up on my skin on my foundation even when I bake so it’s okay but it’s not my fave the NYX wonder pencil and I have it in like because I like to go on my waterline and it works really good you can even use this.

To conceal marks so that’s pretty cool my nasty-ass coverfx green color corrector it’s so gross it’s like it fell.

Into the lid when it was pushed up and so I just have to like t go with a brush or a pen and I just like dab it on my face it’s it’s a hot mess I guess it’s.

Pretty new kind of new but it’s pretty nasty my favorite favorite favorite eyeliner of all time I used to be in love.

With the benefit liquid eyeliner but it just kind of made my eyes like my skin has been getting sensitive over time whenever I would take it off I’d have like an eyeliner mark in red so I wasn’t my skin obviously was it reacting well to the benefit liquid eyeliner so I went.

Over to Sally Beauty Supply one.

Day and I got the fam’ly cutter I don’t know how to say.

It by so liquid eyeliner in black and I think it’s like $6 or $8.

At Sally’s almost empty I don’t know if you guys can even tell but it’s just it gives such a nice fine line for eyeliner and it’s super black too which I love and I have it on today and I started wearing again so I am I’m loving the winged eyeliner I ordered this duo eyelash glue from Sephora maybe about a month ago a little bit more it’s it’s okay it’s not my favorite.

Ardell one and like the store that I get it from like they don’t sell it like okay just like a sign out here the town that I live in the nearest Walmart to me is two hours away.

So y’all know the struggle is real my little Vaseline I love Vaseline like I have a big one and a little one this one’s like nasty looks gross but it’s not it’s good and eyebrow pencil from Mac and it is in the color stud and it’s.

Pretty black it’s like it’s between black and brown but one thing is I don’t know why it’s like so watery.

Like it’s it’s I’m finished this one but it’s like watery insight and this one got used up honestly in a week I bought it before I cam and I.

Don’t know it’s just like its had water in.

Little bit that I open it up it has like a puddle of water on it so it’s.

Really weird next time I go to Mac I’m gonna ask them and be like is there supposed to be water in my eyebrow pencil and is it supposed to be used up in a week like I swear there’s like probably that much and anyone wear makeup every day that week my only ever Real Techniques brush like I don’t know I really like these brushes but I don’t need to.