White Goo In My Beauty Blender, Spiders??? | Chels Nichole

Replace any of mine yet but I should because I use kind of like janky-ass brushes last but not least are my ratchet-ass brush set it’s not.

Even a set these are like a bunch of random brushes from a whole bunch of different places like I think Walmart from a long time ago but I.

Just started using them so they’re good forever.

21 like I don’t really care too much about brushes some of them hi pad for.

A long time I just wash them all the time and keep them in really good shape but please don’t judge with Leatherman boat to show you because they’re pretty.

They’re kind of embarrassing actually okay so this brush is from forever 21 it used to have a handle but the glue inside it like unstuck when I was watching it so I only.

Have this and this is what I use like if I want to put my bronzer all over my face or if I’m just doing like a quick blush or something next one this is from Walmart and I just use this with concealer.

Probably can’t even see but I watched like I watched my brushes every like week and a half so on a Wednesday I always wash my brushes and like these are clean so I can’t say there being much bacteria but this one I’ve had for a pretty.

Long time too I got these two in a set from forever 21 and it came with a whole bunch of other brushes.

By really just like the packaging like the case that it came and this is a NYX as an old-school Nix brush it is the blender I.

Brush but I don’t use it for eyeshadow cuz I don’t really wear eyeshadow but I do use it for like the tip of my nose with my highlight or underneath my eyebrows just.

Because I don’t want to put a big brush in there use my fingers because I don’t want to be messy with that and I’ll just put on the top of my lip at the Cupid’s bow area so it’s pretty good this is my newest brush that I have actually the.

Mac 187 SM bruh I don’t really know brushes but this is my newest brush and probably like the best brush that I have it’s clean kind of clean but I just use this one to dust away my baked you know I used.

To use this one to apply foundation on my face but obviously it’s just too loose and I would get like little streaks and lines over my face I forgot to show you guys one last thing because I took this out because it was.

Damp from when I was doing my face like before the video oh my gosh my ratchet ratchet ratchet ass Beauty Blender like look at this I tore it yesterday so I have another one on the way being ordered from Sephora like oh my.

Gosh like I can like pull this apart right now and it is just tearing like I should throw this out like right after this video does it smell I’ve seen people like have.

If there was a bug in here I wouldn’t even.

Know what to do so this is like just from today’s makeup because I do my foundation with that and I set my finishing powder to bake I.

Do watch this after every makeup use but it is just like oh my gosh I’m so fascinated by the inside of one I thought for a second there were spiders in here but it’s just like Oh oh my gosh you oh my god that’s so nasty and what the oh my god I’m just gonna finish tearing up it smells like makeup but oh.