White Goo In My Beauty Blender, Spiders??? | Chels Nichole

You oh my god I’ve never ever done that before like actually played with one it’s.

Like so easy to tear apart is it assignment tearing but like oh there we go look at that it’s so oh my gosh it’s so it’s so nasty like honestly you know we’re empty and it’s pretty like dusty.

Inside from loose powders and everything there’s a few pencil shavings in here but not too many it’s not too much of a mess because like I said you clean it out every Sunday at least I try.

To you some Sunday and I’m like no way I’m too lazy I’m sitting my ass on the couch watching TV and drinking tea and I’m not doing anything because.

It is a day of rest if you guys are interested in any of.

The products I showed in this video from my makeup bake they’re all gonna be listed.

Down below so have a look in as well as outfit details this is from forever 21 this is from forever 21 and this.

Is from forever 21 they should still be available on the website but if not they might not be but I will include everything down below as much as I can anyways guys I hope you did enjoy this video it was fun I had fun too filming this I was applying to film today but I thought.

What the heck let’s do a video and.

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