The Best Creative Gopro Mount?

Good morning everybody today is a little off video see the thing is I’ve been working all week this week and this morning is the only chance I’m gonna get to film a video this okay so the GoPro has been dominating the field of action cameras ever since it came out back about five or six years ago today I.

Wanted to do something with us and show you all some creative ways on the most creative way to use your GoPro let’s get on with it wait hold up so probably show.
You this I need to take you somewhere else juicy in transition so.

The best position for the GoPro is on the car you could use on road trips flogs absolutely.
Anything it’s so creative and in my opinion if you’ve got a solid bound.

On your car then you’re absolutely solid if we walk around to the front of the car under the grill on the front of my car I’ve got a sticky GoPro mount with a little buckle underneath safe and secure ready for the GoPro so the reason I like GoPro mounts like this is.

Because they’re creative a lot of people on YouTube nowadays stick to the traditional dashcam others this from.

The GoPro okay so mysteriously my.

GoPro run completely out charge after been on three full bars of battery now as I was saying before things like that are so much more creative than youtubers using that you can compare it to.

The creative shop that I come up with you see the difference I’ll show you again yeah boring and and creative yeah well you get the picture I’m gonna make my way home now so QC in transition oh so maybe creative mounts do win after all that’s really all for this video as I said I don’t.

Really have that much time before I start work now and I’ve been working all weeks it’s all a bit mixed up but.

I did manage to bring you out a video for this week let me know if you want enjoyed these smaller short tips and tricks videos I certainly enjoy making them in the.

Time that I have so yeah whenever you want a GoPro in a certain place think creatively and nearly all of the time you get that shot that you dreamed of and it’s in a creative way creative is the way to go everybody so if you’re thinking of doing a shot creative that’s all from me today I hope you enjoyed everyone and as always see you next.