Plan With Me | Monthly Layout & Notes Page | September 2018

Gonna be a great month hey there it’s lakyn from playing with lincoln and i am here today to plan my September monthly layout and notes pages in my Erin Condren life planner I use these long erin condren sticky notes and I stick them on every month when I get my brand-new planner so that I can write things down.

As they get planned you can see that it’s not an order it’s just as they get scheduled about a week before the month starts I will transfer them to the layout so I can get an.

Overview of what my month looks like so that’s what we’re going to do today so the first thing I.

Do is use these planner Kate stickers to turn my monthly layout from a Sunday to a Saturday layout to a Monday to Sunday layout it just makes more sense in my head for it to be Monday through Sunday since that is how the.

Weeks are laid out it also just makes more sense.

To have the weekend group together when there are things going on over the weekend whether it’s going out of town or people coming.

To visit it’s nice to just have Saturday and Sunday grouped together it can be a little bit tedious to have to put all these little individual stickers down but it is so worth it in the end then I will take one of these Erin Condren sticker sheets it’s usually one full sheet I just have it cut in half because that’s how I store them and I will mark off the DS that don’t belong in the month so then because.

I moved the dates around the holidays that are pre printed on the planner are actually not in the right spot anymore so I actually go over those with a highlighter and if.

They are important to me I will mark.

Way but to be honest most of them even know that they’re.

On my weekly and I just don’t need them on my monthly okay then the next thing I’m going to do is take these longer Erin Condren strips and mark things that are spanning multiple days.

So the first one is I’m still going to be out of town and then the other strip is actually gonna be when Sam is out of town he is going home to Houston for Rosh Hashanah okay the next thing I will do is go in and mark all of these things that I have planned for the month normally I print out some quarter boxes.

That I have made myself in an effort to use up boxes I am going to just start using ones that I already have last month I combined some of my old sticker sheets that had a bunch of different things and so I just pulled that out of my binder and now I’m going to use them now I’m going to go on with my micro perm oh three pen since these are all stickers that are from Crissy and design sheets I need a permanent pen and.

This is my favorite permanent pen if you watch my plan with me last week I just opened this pen so it’s brand-new which is my favorite when the tip is super fresh so I forgot one thing.

I want to mark that I am flying home this day not a super big deal but.

Just want to make sure and then I do have to go in with my pilot g2 just on the planner I didn’t put Sam’s birthday on a sticker just because it’s not technically an event we don’t really have plans for his actual birthday because it is humper I’m not really sure what we’re gonna be doing we’re having his party later in the week so.

For now as the month goes on I will add some more pictures and plans as things get scheduled but for now.

Let’s move on to the notes page I left myself.

A sticky note so I wouldn’t forget to put that on my notes page so I’m gonna set this up the same way that I have been each of the prior month where I have been doing four quadrants one is just general things that I need to do for the month one is.

Birthdays cards presents that I need to send one is things that I’d like to get done around the house and then one is things that I need to do for design pandemonium so some of these I’m just transferring from last month I actually have a huge list of things that I want to put here that are part of a self-care September action item that I’m taking if you didn’t see my self-care September.

Challenge video I will link.

It up in the corner but I’m.

Really excited I’m hosting a bunch of giveaways with some awesome companies so go check that out I don’t have my schedule yet for design pandemonium so that will have to wait for birthdays I use the Erin Condren perpetual calendar this comes in the back of a new planner when you get a new planner or you can buy them individually on the.

Site and it just has you know a bunch of different months and a day for each month and then I keep my birthdays in here so that I can easily reference it when I.

Go to set up my month okay that’s it I know that’s not a ton but it’s the bare.

Bones are there witches makes me happy I’m really excited for September I have some great things planned I have a lot of birthdays a lot of people to celebrate thank you guys so much for watching if this is your first time here.

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Upload new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday encouraging others to achieve their goals through planning and organization I’ll see you guys next time happy planning.