Remtronix Handheld Police Scanner Antenna

Everyone this is Luke with zip scanners where we make scanning easy today we’re going to take a look at the aftermarket onset REM Tronics antenna so this is a great aftermarket antenna made by REM tronics it works on any digital police scanner radio and comes in either the SMA or the BNC besides that they’re both the same with.

Seven inch width antennas they work really great the new digital scanners here will show you how the two most popular models both the SD unit in its most popular.
The unit and sts-100 as well as the Whistler TRX one so.

Here’s the stock antenna as you can see a little bit larger this is.

You know the waterproof in tennis it’s got a little bit of bend to it but the whip antenna here a bit more so screws and pretty simple easy to use now check out the BNC again easy-to-use little whip antenna so there’s two versions of this the exact same it’s just a different input.

So it’s the SMA and then the BNC so if you’re looking on our product page we have a chart.

That tells you which what you need for whatever scanner so you have a chart that compares the scanner model as well as the adapter type so you know scanner.

Reception is a little bit different everywhere I get paid on where you are and what you want to listen to but anecdotally we’ve heard these increased reception from anywhere from twenty five to a hundred percent of range depending the type of signals in.
The areas you live so we highly recommend it they work really well in they.

Are quite popular so this is luke with zip scanners where we make scanning easy with free shipping no taxes and lifetime technical support from experts like me you can email us at zip zip scanners dot-com click the chat on our website seven days a week or call us at seven thirty seven seven seven seven nine eight seven six thank you.