Over Charging, Over Heating And Fake Accessories = Danger

Elizabeth hereford a kitchen nightmare it was scary a mobile-phone done like a dinner all of a sudden I just heard like a firecracker going off and it was my mom’s phone had just exploded on the other bench for the handset made by ZTE and outright case of OMG oh my god because it was like wow I’ve never seen.

This but truth be told we’ve seen it all before mobile meltdowns fingers hands and entire lives lost as lithium-ion batteries suddenly go boom.
Overcharging and overheating it.

Can create a situation called a thermal runaway where a lot of energy is released at once and it burns very very hot and new fast charge phones could compound potential problems the other increasingly common culprit cheap charges and counterfeit cables which can spike a handset with high voltage current as expensive as they are there’s a reason why mobile makers recommend original accessories only you should never ever compromise and use a cheap or imitation or counterfeit charger or cable.
You just can’t take any risks with that ng SMS 7 news..