Nycc Exclusive X-men Old Man Logan Funko Pop Unboxing! I Love This Pop!

What’s up guys gonna rampage here so this is going to be my old man Logan unboxing I got this pop yesterday and I wanted this since the movie came out this is an awesome pop and the movie was amazing I still want to get that on DVD I would love to have every movie Hugh Jackman’s been in well.

X-men why is not every movie van Helsing was but I have Logan x-23 van Helsing is a good movie before my brother says anything but and then.

I brought out my x-23 statue you know just for the occasion you know we got a show support for old man Logan he’s getting old and they need eyes which sucks.

I’m still hoping he comes back I still think.

He’s gonna come back we’ll see Wolverine cannot die so anyways so guys let’s get this start for no videos yesterday I intended.

To stream for like three or four hours just to play black.

Ops and I still have a story to tell you guys I’m gonna do that later today maybe like in an hour but the day just got away from me I had too many.

Things to do so like I was trying to make a thumbnail for it and then we I had to go get dinner and that is just there’s a lot so I figured.

I mean it was already nine o’clock almost so just like yeah you know I was trying to respect is you.

Guys got school in the morning so I don’t want to keep you guys up late because I know there’s a lot of younger.

There’s a younger audience on my channel so but oh I wasn’t really interested in any of the other x-men just because I’ve always loved the Wolverine he’s always been my favorite x-men next to think there’s one more but I got this box.

I got this it was really in some it was in really good condition I traded I had the daredevil and electro pops which I kind of sucks because I kind of wanted them now after I watch daredevil season 3 which is amazing you guys should check that out a lot a lot of.

Cool secrets come out it’s just crazy it’s a crazy season a lot happens in 12 episodes it’s like it’s like a little under 12 hours but yeah this is.
Definitely one I wanted for a while and I can’t wait.

Hopefully they make one more movie I really don’t want to replace it but you know actors get old they keep they.
Get out of the role so I still have a lot more Logan.

To collect I probably won’t ever have the four five hundred dollar one but I think I can get the oops I think I can get the non bauble one like one of those Logan ones where he’s like shirtless and I think he’s holding the.
Claw like this but look at that old man Logan I just thought as.

Weird that their heads till all the way to the side maybe they want him to tilt to the side like that I suppose so man look at him you got old but he really.

Got old though me that I’m trying to like get it away from the light because it’s just obnoxious but I love it so much that is such a badass pop you got the trench coat you got the claws oh my gosh got the white hair show his age geez and then like.

The little you know like the wrinkles under his eyes and then wrinkles around his eyes and forehead so much.

Detail I wonder how they made it like that to where I can’t feel it like you can’t feel the wrinkles in his forehead which is pretty cool it’s definitely awesome it resembles his character a lot in the movie.