Nycc Exclusive X-men Old Man Logan Funko Pop Unboxing! I Love This Pop!

As well like but I mean he has white hair right here too as well you guys can see that which is crazy I love I love of love that they brought x-23.

And the old man Logan movie and I hope she gets her own standalone because she I forget her name but she was an amazing actor in.

Definitely just one of my one in my top 20.

Of movies cuz there’s been a lot of good movies lately but definitely I will see a solo standalone film for her I may see a Supergirl one that’s just that just you know like a female lead alone Captain Marvel yeah but this guy I hope they I hope they bring back Hugh Jackman I know he was getting.

Tired of the role which you know you play the same character for so many years of course you’re gonna get bored a bit but I hope they.

Action style he gets his younger self back I don’t know we’ll see they always have tricks up their sleeves so we’ll see but yeah I just wanted to I wanted to unbox this even though it’s from last year I don’t care I wanted on boxes as and I will also be doing a live street later on so this is kind of like you.

Know announcing that and in this so maybe I want to say in like an hour – I’ll be playing black ops four I don’t really have many other games to play but.

You know I don’t just want to talk to you guys and make like a video so I’m gonna be attempting to quickscope you know it’s kind of funny I was good at that game I was good at quick scoping one game and.

Then I was like you know I got myself you know how you get you play a game you’re like boom boom boom you get in there and then you got you have one good game you’re like I’m the best clearly okay and then you go to the next game and then you you lost your mojo somehow I don’t know what happened but last night.

I try to play it you know I was like let me get a quick test couple test games before the livestream I sucked okay I sucked and I was like woah I’m glad I’m doing it tomorrow hopefully I.

Can redeem myself but anyways.

Yeah so I just want to announce that live stream that’s going on today I already have everything set up for it I just got to make it public then you know show off this bad boy and hopefully I can get the other Logan and then I have a couple days I want to say two or three days I have another unboxing video and I think you guys know certain Funko shop exclusives.

Can’t wait to get those add icons so what I’ll tell you but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope to see you guys in the livestream all right see you guys the next one see you guys later bye.