Debunking The Jezebel Spirit || Kris Vallotton || Bethel Church

I feel like there’s some people in here okay this is an obvious yes just there’s people in here but I’m notorious for not finishing his sentence and then correcting myself and people say all the time like you don’t finish sentences I’m like I’m just I know what I’m about to say is very obvious like there are people in.

Here that you’re in the middle of a story that doesn’t seem redemptive I I know that like everyone could stand up for it.

For something in here but but but I mean that there’s some specific people in here that the Lord is actually interrupting the service to bring you this very important message that you’re in the middle of the book but.

At the last chapter like you you have been thinking visualizing that this is the last.

Chapter and first of all I want to tell.

You that by the word of the Lord that it’s just not your last chapter you’re in the middle of your book and this your this part.

Of the story this is your testimony like this is what will make the book into the book as a metaphor this is what will make the book of your life beautiful this.

Is the story you’ll tell and.

Everybody wants to you know have a life that has no problems and some of you who don’t know this group of people think oh those people they’ve they’re so privileged like everything goes well for them and first of all I don’t want to say like feel sorry for us because that’s that’s not the point of the message the point is is that no matter who you are life has its twists and turns and the.

Difference isn’t what’s handed to you the difference is what you do with what’s Hannity good so if you’re in that situation I.

Described and the Holy Spirit is talking to you like because I know everyone could stand in the room and I’m really not looking for a large audience I’m looking for about ten people that I feel like the Holy Spirit’s really talking to and I’d like you to stand right now and if you’re watching us by befel TV.

Up and just be a this I love when our wider family writes to us and says I was standing with you and I love that good yeah hmm when my son went through the darkest time of his life I said to him many times you will love.

Again you will live again and he would repeat to me which is this is our open testimony I’m not giving you a private ballot in a moment that he hasn’t shared publicly he would he beat repeat to me that doesn’t feel true but I trust you so I want to say first of all some of you are standing for relational things maybe because I talked about a.

Relational story and I want to say to you first of all you’ll love again and you’ll live again and secondly I want to.

Say to all of you that are standing your life is going to be a beautiful book and the Lord is the one writing it do you know he’s the author and perfecter hebrews chapter 12.
Verse 1 and 2 he’s the author and the perfecter of your.

The one ultimately writing your story there are characters in your story who are not like submitted to the – to the Lord’s authorship but how many know that he is ultimately the author and the perfecter of your faith and so would you just extend your hands to them right here I had this I saw this huge just now like 1 second ago I.

Had this picture this vision of the size.

Of this room the word hope with letters that filled the entire room like hope and I first of all want to release hope.

Over you in Jesus name I want to say no matter if you’re.

The one who failed or you’re part of the failure or you didn’t do it.

All right that’s why we need.

A Savior and solo we just apply the blood of the Savior to every single person who’s watching by buffle TV and every single person who’s standing tonight and had the courage to stand tonight and.

Lord we say we thank you that you’re the author of this book and we thank you that you are the finisher of the story you don’t start a story.

And let someone else finish it you’re the author and you’re the Perfector of their faith and not only that but you said he who began a good work in.

You is going to complete it Lord you don’t do things halfway you’re not a halfway god you’re not a I start.

It and then I I get bored with you lord I thank you that you finish every work you start and I bless those who are standing tonight even those who would stand by Bethel TV in their own front rooms so I want you to say I receive it in Jesus name I receive hope right now in.

Jesus name and lord I thank you that you are the.

Author of my story therefore it’s going to go your.

Way in Jesus name Amen go ahead and sit beautiful story yeah it’s a good word would you turn to first Kings chapter 18 tonight I’m gonna talk about dealing with.

Jezebel it’s an appropriate message for an appropriate season and first of all before anybody gets upset or I mean you I mean you’re gonna get upset later but before you get upset I’ve heard a few messages not in our not ever in our podiums actually but I’ve heard.

A few messages about Jezebel and I don’t want to say that Jezebel is not a strong-willed woman so if we could just like.

The spirit of Jezebel its personified in a woman in this story but the truth is I’ve seen the spirit of Jezebel on more men than I’ve actually ever seen on any but on women I’m not that I’ve never seen on a woman but I’ve seen it on more men than women so I’m.

Not talking about the gender of.

A strong woman you know in fact I have great admiration for every personality of men and women and so if you’re a strong woman.

I know I’ve heard too many stories of women who they have an opinion and therefore they’re some kind of a Jezebel it’s like.

No that’s called having a that’s actually talking about thinking an arrogance always looks like in see always looks like arrogance to the insecure so let’s just jump in the story right here I’m going to skip around a little bit first uh Kings chapter 18 you might want to read along with me I’m reading a new American Standard now what happened after many days that the word of the Lord came to Elijah in the third year saying go.

Show yourself to a hab and I will send rain on the earth so I should probably give you a little bit of the story.

In case you’ve never never read the story and I’m finding that more and more people don’t know some of the especially Old Testament stories so we have a half and Jezebel who are king and queen of Israel and they are serving bail there they’re sacrificing children on the.

God Molech it’s pretty dark evil time in Israel’s history and so a man I think this is the first time we actually see Elijah Elijah has evidently reading his Bible and this is my part and I’m injecting because in the Old.

Testament God says that if you serve other gods it will not rain in your land so the story goes that Elijah’s it relied to calls for the rain to stop for three and a half years and it doesn’t rain he actually just calls for the rain to stop and I don’t know if he knows how long it’s not gonna rain and he calls for a famine a drought on the.

Land and there’s this is a really beautiful story by the way if you if you haven’t read much of the Old Testament and some of the Old Testaments a little bit tough to read but probably from first Kings around chapter 13 a very intriguing story you probably would.

Really enjoy reading this story and so through a series of circumstances it goes three and a half years the drought gets so bad that literally their their their sheep their cattle their livestock or all dying there’s nothing to eat in the land.

And literally people cannibalism is actually happening the land that’s how severe the famine gets and and.

A hab searches for Elijah for three and a half years to kill him because he had this idea.

That if he kills Elijah then the famine will stop and so there’s a lot of intrigue in that story and I.

Don’t want to spend too much time on it because it’ll make the message really really long so become the first kings and finally Elisha is ready to show himself this is three and a half years into this this huge kind of warfare so verse 2 so will I just said so the Elijah went to show himself to Ahab and.

The famine was severe in Samaria and Ahab called a beat’em who was of the household and obey a beat’em Oba Needham feared the Lord greatly for when Jezebel destroyed the prophets.

Oh beat him took hundreds of prophets and hid them by 50 s and so the story goes that the Lord finally calls for to go show himself he goes to show an Ahab is looking for him with his servant Oh buddy Tim I don’t think it seems it’s.

Over he emits a bead on something like that he’s searching for him and and he sends one of his servant out to search for Elijah.

He finds Elijah finds him he finds Elijah and Elijah says to him go tell your master Ahab that I’m about to go I’m about to show myself and Oban eat’em says to him I’m like I know what’s gonna happen I’m gonna go tell my master.

You’re gonna you want to see him and then the Lord’s gonna carry you away and we’re never gonna see you and I’m gonna die because I’ve been saving all.

These prophets and I’ve been hiding them you know this is like forget the story and the Jews who owe the the movie they made a movie out of it Schindler’s List like so this guy this this prophetic guy is.

Hiding the prophets and Elijah’s like go tell hey if I’m gonna show up but he’s like oh no no I’m not gonna do that because you’re the most wanted man in all of his real and you’re not gonna show up and he’s gonna.

Kill me but the short story is is that Elijah convinces him to go gay day hab so they end up in this g2 meeting trying to be relevant to culture and Elijah tells a hab C legend tells a hab verse 20 so Ahab sent a message to.

All the Sun I’m sorry so Elijah tells verse 18 when Ahab saw Elijah a hab said to him is.

This youyou troubler of Israel and he said I have not troubled Israel but.

It’s you in your father’s house.

Who have who have because who have forsaken the commandments of the Lord and followed after bail now then send and gather all of Israel at Mount Carmel together with 450 prophets of bail and 400 prophets of Ashur who eat at Jezebel’s table so.

They gather the prophets the false prophets and this is probably you probably have heard this story before it’s a very popular story in the Old Testament and Elijah says to the false prophets the 850 of them here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to you.

Get we’re gonna get a steer we’re gonna get a sacrifice we’re gonna cut it in half you take half I take half we’ll both build altars you put the cap on the altar I’ll put the other half of the cap on the altar you pray to your God and whoever’s got answers by fire that is God and so they’re like good look good about that and and they began to they build an altar and they gather all of Israel all.

Of Israel’s watching and they’re at Mount Carmel so everyone can see them and the false prophets.

They began to rave and you know dance and shout and.

Who actually don’t have a relationship with God and that was just a joke by the way and the wife she begins to taunt him and he says things like well maybe your gods on vacation maybe he’s in.

The bathroom like uh maybe he’s still sleeping maybe you should do something to wake him up and so they start cutting their selves and bloods everywhere it’s.

After about the evening they’ve been going on for seven eight hours and finally Elijah says ok come near to me and Elijah takes water he pours water on the altar gets more water pours more water on the altar and then he calls for the Lord to answer by fire and there is very like it’s very descriptive language it says and the Lord and the Lord.

Answered by fire and the fire licked up the water consumed the sacrifice and licked up the water in the trenches and then Elijah says ok how long will you be indecisive and not followed the Lord so he convinces the people to kill the eight hundred fifty prophets a bill.

This is the Old Testament still you’re supposed to be happy about that okay it’s okay to be happy about killing.

People in the Old Testament New Testament like we love them to Jesus then we kill him but.

Anyway so now what I’m going right now is this is the highlight of all of Elijah’s ministry it’s been three and a half years of Elijah hiding in the wilderness from a hab no rain famine this is the climax of a great movie this is the last chapter in the movie Gladiator or Braveheart like this is the final segment of a beautiful story in.

Elijah’s life this is the best day of his entire ministry the false prophets have been killed but more importantly the people began to say your way he is God the Lord is God and the Elijah literally.

Turns an entire nation in one day well three and a half years of it but in one day this is the climax of three and a half years when he turns an entire nation to God and everybody begins to say we’re following the Lord this is the God we’re supposed to follow.

What a wonderful day let’s talk about Monday morning this is the day after you preach a great.

Message Verte chapter 19 now Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done and how he’d killed all the prophets with the sword then Jezebel sent a message to Elijah saying so made that God’s due to you and even more if I do not make your life as the life of one of them by tomorrow at this time and he was he was very afraid in rows and rows and ran for his life and came.

To Beersheba which belongs to Judah and left his servant there but he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness and he came and sat on her juniper tree and requests it for himself that he might die and he said it is enough now O Lord take my life for I’m not better than my father’s and he.

Lay down and slept under a juniper tree and behold there was an angel touching him and said to him arise and eat so he looked and behold there was at his head a bread cake baked on hot stones in a jar of water so he ate and drank and laid down again then the angel of Lord came again a second time and touched him and said arise.

In II because the journey is too great for you so he rose and ate and drank and went in.

His strength and went in the strength of that food for forty days and forty nights to Horeb the mountain of the Lord then it came to the cave and lodged there and behold the word.

Of the Lord came to him and said to him what are you doing here Elisha and he said I am very zealous for the Lord the God of hosts for the sons of Israel have forsaken the Covenant torn down the altars and killed your prophets with a sword and I am alone and left and they seek my life and he said go forth and stand in the mountain before the Lord and behold the Lord was passing by.

And a great and strong wind was renting the mountains and breaking them in pieces and breaking in breaking in pieces the rocks before the Lord but the Lord was not in the wind and after that the end after the wind and earthquake but the Lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake a fire but the Lord was not in the fire and after the fire a sound of a gentle blowing when Elijah heard it he wrapped his face in the mantle and went.

Out and stood at the entrance of the cave and behold the voice came to him and said what are you doing here Elijah then he said I have been very viscose for the.

Lord of hosts but the sons of Israel.

Were shaken your covenant torn down your altars and killed your prophets with the sword and I and loan.

Him left and they seek my life to take it away and the Lord gives him some things to do and.

I just want to talk about this for a minute first of all I want to talk about the effects of the spirit of Jezebel how do I know if my life is actually being affected by the spirit of Jezebel I want to recount you just a little piece of the story you understand that this is literally the day after the greatest victory in Elijah’s life he has torn down the altars he is he has confronted four hundred eight hundred and fifty false prophets he has killed them literally.

Killed them with the sword this is a great victory has turned all of Israel back to God one woman says to Elijah I’m.

Gonna kill you by tomorrow morning and Elijah begins to run for his life I I want to point out number one the influence.

Of the spirit of Jezebel irrational fear irrational fear now if a queen was after you that may not be a rational fear but how many understand that he just killed 450.

Prophets 850 prophets he has just killed 850 problems he stopped the ringing by his word and by the way I didn’t tell you this part he tells a hab hey you better go back to your city because it’s gonna rain and Ahab’s like God has it he goes you better go and if I were you I’d go fast and Elijah gets.

On his face and begins to pray until he sees a.

Cloud the size of a man’s hand seven times he kneels to.

Pray and finally he says go tell a hab he better get back to his city because it’s going to pour rain and then it begins to pour rain and Elijah out runs the chariot physically out runs the chariot for the Spirit of the Lord was on him think about this you outrun a chariot you stopped the rain for three and a half.

Years you start the rain after three and a half years you cause fire to come down supernaturally lick up the water burn up the offering you kill eight hundred and fifty false.

Prophets everyone starts shouting the Lord is God the Lord is God this is a pretty big victory and the next day you were afraid of one woman it could be one man.

You understand this is not a gender thing I’m saying he is has irrational fear and guess here’s point number two he wants to end his life the spirit of suicide he says to God take my life I’m done my life is over I’m not better than my father’s III take me kill me do you know that when Jesus met Lucifer Satan in the guard it in the in the wilderness in.

Luke 4 and in John 4 no Matthew 4 Luke and Luke 4 do you know that one of the temptations was for that that Satan tempted Jesus with is throw yourself off the pinnacle of the temple do you know that suicide was actually a.

Spirit let me say this differently you know self-preservation is one of the greatest no self-preservation is one of the most common instincts in humanity actually not just a humanity.

In all creation you take a little squirrel who’s very passive you put him in a log where they’re trapped you put your hand in there and.

They will fight for their life so what causes a person to want to take their own life I’d propose to you that that’s not human that the desire to take your own life is not human but the person who hates you wants to see you die Elijah begins to say to God my life silver I don’t want to live he ends up.

In a cave isolated alone did you notice how he recounts.

The story to God he said to God gods.

Like Elijah what are you doing here he says I’m I have stood up against Jezebel and I alone and.