Wwe Mattel Elite Series 62 Authors Of Pain Review!

Hello you beautiful beautiful people welcome back to another video I hope you all are having a fantastic day if you could please go ahead and hit that thumbs up button I would really appreciate it welcome back to another video guys today we are doing a review and unboxing I’m kind of nervous I’m kind of excited lots of things.

Going through my mind right now I was.

Was gonna just keep these men on card but then if you guys missed my livestream a few people were in it uh I had a few.

I wanted to open them but I wanted to leave him in on card so it’s kind of hard but then SLS animations join and he was like saying yeah I should I should open them so and then Dean also he opened his and I just thought that they’re so beautiful and I’m the reason why I’m like kind of nervous why don’t I just open them is because as you.

Guys are aware at the time I’m recording this I’ve been doing terrible with toy hunts not and now I’m not posting twice because I just can’t find anything in my area nothing new everyone’s finding new stuff but not by me I haven’t.

Found anything new one it feels like forever so I don’t know what’s going on so I’m I’m kind of nervous that my area will probably skip this.

Series and by the time that time comes they’ll probably be a fortune to purchase online if I want because I do want to get.

Another set one loose right now and then another to do Minar card because they are so beautiful you need two sets of this the authors are pain ladies and gentlemen I know we’re going to the regular spot so the quality will be a bit better I know you can’t really see this way but they’re beautiful I’m excited to open these comes with NXT Tag Team Champions the entrance Grier these are just amazing sadly I look like probably most likely.

99% sure he’s been cancelled by now the Paul Ellering elite we haven’t heard about that or seen more images of it and so long we saw that.

One time but then of course Paul Ellering is no longer with them because of all that drama I’m sure you guys know that story but I really wanted that Paul Ellering elite self it’s a shame we’re not gonna get it it would.

Have been awesome to add with these but what are you gonna do that would have been another awesome leap but sometimes you just can’t have everything you.

Want but guys let me know your thoughts I actually had a question I was thinking about.

Do you think because I’ve had this.

Conversation with a few people do you think the NXT guys.

While these are their NXT of attires it was from NXT takeover take over Orlando do you think that the NXT guys should be in the NXT line which would make sense or do you think they should put them in regular elite series and exclusive series because as you guys.

Know we got a few now off course authors of.

Pain and regularly regular elite series we got DIY in the.

Hollow champion series it’s just it’s.

Just odd they have an NXT line but they’re putting the NXT guys in regular or exclusive lines I don’t know guys you let me know your thoughts on all that cuz I did talk to a few people some of my.

Friends and they agree what they should stay in the NXT line stuff like that but I just wanted to throw that out there but let’s get into this review I’m excited and also nervous let’s not.

Waste them guys here we are in the spot and I know you’re already gonna say it I still got this garbage ring yes I do oh my god I really need to get this ascetics going guys I’ve no.

I I’ve said there’s so many times you guys are tired of hearing it if any one of you would like to donate an authentic scale ring send them to my Pio address I’m just kidding guys but I really do need to get it yeah I don’t know I don’t know I just can’t get it just so much money and people for some reason want more money for it loose than it is men on card I don’t.

Know it’s just so much money it’s like $80 for the scale ring and it’s even more for the main event ring so I don’t know but of course we are gonna open the author’s a pain who should we start with first we’re gonna start with eight them let’s go ladies and gentlemen now I did not bring a knife oh but that’s okay we could just rip the box apart doesn’t really matter I can’t believe I’m doing this right now I didn’t I honestly didn’t think I was gonna open these so.

Kind of a shock to me right now come on you guys know I have trouble opening like this my arms are extended out as far as they could so wait you guys.

Can’t see look I put that down we got the little background here already got that from a previous elite so we don’t really need that the artwork which still I don’t have any interest.

It all and then of course the little stand you could put them on but that’s the least.

Important stuff now let’s get to the actual figure the beautiful part oh that just fell out let’s take out the head gear as you can see a very nice head gear beautiful now let’s take out this NXT Tag Team Championship title which is phenomenal gonna come in handy in the future when we get more NXT stars only the undisputed.

Error so hopefully I could get that pretty soon this is a massive figure guys my god feels kind of loose there we go look at that face he looks so mad look at them I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore guys but does this come off yeah this comes off let’s take it off I always hate.

Taking these things off because there was a pain to take on and off but this is actually coming off very easily which I’m shocked you know kind of like the shield.

Vest pretty similar but look at that a opie right there look at that that’s sick of course let’s take a look all around a opie on.

The back it looks like kind of like a braun strowman uh on.

The braun strowman elite just like his tank top but his body i don’t know do they.

Use the same body burn strowman his body seems kind of bigger on the elite figure but it looks just like a brown or my body just painted a little darker.

Skin and then of course let’s put on the tag team title.

To make it extra special let me just do this let me put it on come on always having a bad time on these review guys on these reviews look.

At that look at that beautiful bah boom what are they doing with these guys I swear to God now of course on tour a czar no nope I always.

Take it behind the camera it open cuz it’s so much easier I know I don’t know guys I don’t.