Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

My entire life photographing dangerous an Umbreon hands near that’s enough Venable kill an adult human being no problem at all boys escape this is crazy but I want to get that close that up on the burner hope it’s not too lost my everything of all the world’s great predators one has always included an animal so secretive but in.

All my time in the wild but I’ve accepted an assignment to get close-up shots of his dangerous and mysterious beast and.

I’m doing everything I can to make sure we village up ahead see little shop there this might be one of the last places I can get some supplies am I just pulling there.

Soon what they’ve got this is a wild place where people live in the shadow of a notorious killer the leopard morning hey good can you help me with some supplies oh yes no.

It’s feared by many people which makes what happens next even more surprising it’s just been telling me an amazing story ends with something to show me the shopkeeper has evidence to back up his.

Story leopards are potential managers just look at that massive.

Hole in the skinny apparently this leopard actually took a goat herder grabbed him and took him down but luckily his friend was nearby and his friend actually ran and picked up one of these steel.

Girders that they use for fencing and ran in heroic he saved his friend pushed it right into the leopard killed him that’s amazing I mean just goes to show these animals are beautiful and they’re usually elusive but if they get into contact with humans it could be very dangerous this is potentially a very dangerous animal how much do I owe you amazing there’s no doubt that what I’m attention to.

Do okay although people here live under constant threat from these managers chances are there may encounter one sightings of leopard-like stream leery I’ve worked in Africa all my life and I’ve got about a half a dozen pictures of lipids may that elusive hard to find this assignment I want to get really close to lipids if I can I’d like to find a female.

With Cubs and get photographing but that’s easier said than done frostbites spotted coke.

Then it savagely picks off its prey council power the liquid is one of the most powerful and efficient killers going on foot in leopard country.

Would be suicidal so I’ll be working from a sturdy truck but to make sure I’ve got no obstructions when it comes to taking photographs I’ve had to choose one with an open-top a choice that’s not entirely safe nor entirely comfortable these rough tracks are.

Taking me towards a place famous for its became a place where lessons are said to be active by day which increases my chances of getting a decent shot but it’s a long long way from home all in.

All I’ve come over 1,000 miles from Namibia to the very edge of South Africa to launder lousy a protected area part of the vast African wilderness it’s a stretch.

Of spectacular Savannah fit you around by the mighty Samson this region where I’ve come to find the Leopards is ideal yes everything a leopard needs plenty of bush plenty of game if I’m going to find a leopard anywhere it’s gonna be in this area but there’s one spot in particular I want to start with a place just a few miles from here that’s said to be a favorite haunt for leopards tyreq.