Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

Them feeding but it looks like they’re only interested in one thing they both seem to be quite well fed right now so they’re just relaxing it’s just totally amazing yeah I want up in.

The tree completely at ease play examing over the branch the mother down yeah doing exactly the same hanging over the branch both fast asleep almost you cannot believe that this is one of the most ferocious and dangerous potentially dangerous animals in the world faith it’s like a little boutique at his hearts believe that this looking like a domestic cat relaxing yeah right now could spring up at a moment’s notice especially with a killing a young one around cannot.

Believe it looks like this guy started feeding again keep tasting on the kill good after yeah I’m crunching away it’s just a slightly but hidden behind the tree that it’s not not possible to get a clear shot of it we’ll try I think I can do just a little bit.

Better you just get that bit closer and get under the truth this curse ii got actually right beneath the leopard what I’m gonna do is try and get out.

This is crazy but I want to get that close that I want the bonnet I hope it’s not the last fight I ever think oh man I don’t know what I’m thinking came a little snow straight to my face acknowledging me you stick this powerful lens right on his face these eyes go.

Right through the lens into your eyes it’s quite something I’ll tell you there’s nothing quite as ferocious as the eyes of a cat about to jump those.

Snores were just a warning this is my caucus keep away I mean this is the most incredible experience to be this close I’m almost within touching range of a feeding leopard I cannot believe it one more shot and I’m down I don’t want to push my luck any more.

Than I have already I’ve got my shots is that absolutely beautiful there has been an incredible experience that lost a mother and calf and a close encounter I could only have dreamed of even as I Drive the way the enormity of what has just happened before this trip I had a mere handful.

Of Lipitor now I’ve got enough sloth we’ve turned it at the beginning of this mission I was really frustrated I just couldn’t get close to lipids especially not a female with Cubs but I did see a lot.

Of other fascinating animals in between and then.

Finally when I did get a leopard a female with a sub-adult cup upper tree feeding on a kill and me just three meters away that was fantastic and that’s something I’m never gonna forgive.