Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

Truth is fire this dry riverbed hopefully it will lead me right into the middle of leopard country is the perfect place for leopards and I feel very secure down.

Here they’re well hidden it’s all these big trees so if they get a kill they can take it up into the tree keep it away from lions hyenas I.
Think I’ve got a good chance of finding something over here look.

At the size of that guy look at that daddy I still holding onto stuff here but I’m looking for cats.

But this is not what I had in mind this is a tiger it’s a tiger snake and it’s one of the most beautiful snakes you can find I love these snakes and look at the eyes they got these beautiful eyes and I got a beautiful tongue this is one beautiful snake hey.

You are gorgeous it’s a venomous snake he’s back Fang he can bite he has got venom but they not considered dangerous to human beings they feed on lizards mostly and that venom Paul will be quite good to bar Elizabeth hey are you cross with.

Me wait wants to buy it I’m gonna get a few pictures of it are you gonna pose for me I’m putting right back where I found him let’s see if I can get a few pictures without getting.
Come on here we go let me see your face.

There we go there we go dude I get I saw aunt Holly like a spring they shoot.

Out as soon as you you bring your hands near ah we’ve tried under finger hey don’t do that here we go oh he’s staying angry he doesn’t like being mistress come on I need another.

Picture just a few more pictures come on – come on come on yeah he gives me a bite and he says that’s enough of a head this guy now I want to get out of.

Here get one more shot here we go that’s it all right well he’s been so good you know he’s tolerated all my nonsense I’m just gonna let him go back up to where he was and I’ll get.

On with my search for lipids thanks boy you enjoy your day fantastic a beautiful guy look he actually bit me actually got his fangs in there that’s not a bad omen for the lepers – come the riverbed takes me deep into the bush of trying to get to a leopard in which I’ve been told is still active I have the coordinates but.

It’s not that easy to find as best I can tell I’m going to have to break out of the riverbed and forge your way directly through the scrub but in the African bush you leave the beaten path at your peril I’ve written right into a herd of elephants and I’m looking down there now suddenly I’ve got an elephant all around there’s more there is more on the side yeah elephants can be dangerous if you.

Start them frighten them get on the wrong side of an elephant take this truck down like a shot they crossing right in front of me but it’s the one.

Behind me that tells me it’s time to get going more concerned with elephants on the track ahead I suddenly find myself in very rough terrain anyone.

Got a lipid she’s just crossed right in front of my coffin now right behind her to show you no sign of penny she’s heading for thick bush difficult to see but looks like a female the leopard slender bull suggests I’ve struck lucky so hard to know what.