Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

To do when they move him all the time you’re hoping they’ll settle some way and there’s a.

Big mound on the right hand I was hoping she’d go up on there but she seems to be going right past dinner what leopards are doing opening the day like this you’re looking for a mate I’m gonna go a little bit further Instagram follow bushes so thick the leopards camouflage so perfect she just melts away into this.

I’m closed in the bush is just too thick and I’ve lost her completely she’s somewhere right here and she’s gone it’s like chasing a ghost through the grass and its leading me further and further into the unknown a bit of an opening through yeah I’m gonna.

Try and push the vehicle further I’m sure she saw me right inside yeah I just can’t see it everyone will try back spot just like my to finally settle down thank you find out this is astonishing it’s actually the closest I’ve ever been to a leopard I can’t believe my luck being this close lets me get a proper look the young male I was hoping for a female isn’t.

That absolutely beautiful great about looking Hannah for keeping a wary eye on me thankfully fantastic but what I want is filters of a mother and cub and male leopards are solitary animals I push on towards the dance and that’s it that looks like it this is.

What I’ve been looking for when I’m speaking to the locals and they’ve informed me that he’ll that copy plenty of leopards are spotted it not only that it’s a.

Favorite painting size a copy is a kind.

Of volcanic island erupting from a sandy savanna and it’s granite sides provide perfect an inhabitant but you search it properly I’m going to have to go on foot and I’m worried about leaving the relative safety of the vehicle leopards don’t tend to attack until they within 5 meters of their victim but in this terrain it could be closer than that and I might never even see it up close the copy is larger.

Looked with plenty of nooks and crannies any one of which might contain a deadly predator my niece’s everywhere that’s not a good thing for lepers Africa’s biggest cats our sworn enemies a line will deliberately target leopard cubs so these line feces are not a good sign anyone yeah oh wow that’s one of the thick tail scorpions well I’ll get the size that looks like a female looks like she might be gravid as well these are highly venomous scorpions I mean all scorpions are dangerous all are venomous but these were their thick tails.

And the small pinchers that’s what you look for that’s the most dangerous corridor she’s stinging the forceps I’d love to just get a grip on this tail I can but it’s so difficult and I could.

Control this that’s pushing with a needle all the time oh come on come on come on come on there we go.

There we go can I do this can I do.

This but nervous with Gina I want to get this thing.

Consider this is highly venomous got it okay okay yes scorpions are really nice they don’t get mad at you for no reason at all I let go she doesn’t try and sting me I want to try and show you the venom if it’s possible while I’ve got it yeah do that I got a drop a venom to come out there my sand bring my finger near there because their needle shop spike over there.