Austin Stevens Adventures – Man Eating Leopard [documentary Series] | Wild Things

Will go right into my finger and that drop of venom is all you need that’s the poison that’s the venom she’s settling down again he’s settling down let me just see all right and.

You go and you go don’t sting me just take a walk okay hell that’s.

Enough fooling around of the Scorpion like this like I say they pretty dangerous animals put her back where she was there’s a settle down well just a little something in between my leopard.

Suit sort of forgotten about lipids now found a lion species lost track of the left it’s all together let’s.

Go on and see what I can find if they were lipids yeah they’re long gone it may well be that lions scared them off a mother leopard will move her newborn cubs at the first snuff of danger every day Eve needs me I need to rethink my whole focus was how to.

Get to the scruffy and find the leopard in but now I’m yeah it seems there are no lepers to be found I decided to sleep on it the other hyenas calling yeah I found a lot of sign if I he know today I also found sign of.

A lion all around this copy and that’s a bit of a problem because I think there’s been Lions here.

Not gonna find leopards and I’ve searched everywhere in the rocks I found no sign of a den it’s getting late now it’s getting dark so don’t particularly want to travel in this.

Life yeah them again hyenas calling still far away tomorrow in the relative safety of daylight I’ll work out what to do next getting the lay of the land the following morning my next step suddenly becomes clear a long line of.

Impala or heading across the plain chances are they’re heading for a watering antelope like Impala or a big cats favorite food this might just be a leopards want after all I decide to scour the area for tracks my plan is to keep a record of any sightings to narrow down a sweet spot but finding them still won’t be easy leopards patrol up to.

25 miles a day seldom following I’ve got to keep my eyes peeled for any clue I can spot yeah that’s auntie ultra might not but maybe a leopard lay maybe a dinner let’s see Holmes no it’s not epic it’s wild dog I found five dogs right Jay he’s not even paying me anything she’s laying down again they don’t seem to be worried about the car that’s my best chance if I got out of your different story altogether these animals had gone on a shot no Chris got his head raised up again.

Appears to be a big hole up yeah I think this is where the maimed inside is right.

Up here one standing guard over yeah I’m gonna wait it out a bit and see what I see and take a few pictures of me soon.

More wild dogs materialized from the bush unlike the solitary Leopard wild dogs live in big packs up to 30 strong but numbers like these are increasingly.

Rare this is one of the most endangered carnivores in Africa it’s beyond anything I could have imagined getting right here wild dogs comes.

Female is the mother it’s just swollen her teats are not in yeah baby’s calling hurting your back or spotting wild dogs is even rarer than spotting leopards and sightings of.

Their pups are almost unheard of.